100 Book Reviews at Senteo.net for the Banking Industry. We did it !!

We are happy to announce an additional 10 new book reviews to our Recommended Reading List for Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty topics. Launched in March 2013, this new addition adds up to a total of 100 book reviews, which we promised in mid-2013. We are happy to have reached this milestone, but nothing will stop us now. We will continue to add more each quarter.

As a company dedicated to helping banks and retailers to enhance the quality of their relationships with customers through meaningful experiences, the executives of Senteo have read many books, research reports, articles and blogs on these topics. In fact, there are thousands of books covering different aspects of the subjects such as explaining theory, proving viability, sharing case studies, providing guidance, and more. By sharing its recommended reading list, Senteo is hoping to provide guidance to the reader when selecting the type of content that brings the most value.

Each book review is rated according to the Senteo Diamond Rating from One Diamond to five Diamonds. The factors used in the rating include structure, clarity and quality of content. In addition, each book review includes the following sections:

* Key Methodology Elements
* What we Liked
* What we Did Not Like
* Amazon Book Description
* Main Uses and/or Applications

Finally, each book review will show the type of content in the book as well as the main focus of the book, whether it is research, tactical application, measurement or quality control.

Whatever, your industry or needs, we hope you find the book reviews insightful.

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A Message from the CEO of Senteo

Over the past two years, we have worked to build the first phase of the Senteo Online Community as a resource to help bankers and financial professionals expand their knowledge in the areas of Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, and Loyalty.

As we continue to add to the online community, you will see new events, an expansion of our educational curriculum, and a new series of webinars from a fantastic line-up of speakers. Please join us as we strive to build a resource destination for bankers and financial professionals on the internet. As well, please share with us your thoughts, feedback, and desires for future content so that we can tailor topics and content to your liking.

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