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    I will touch a topic that is usually omitted when talked about customer experience.

    Everyone knows how important is behavior of front-office employees, Call Centre or even Collection employees for CE.

    But what about gatekeepers?..

    In Russia I see a big problem with the behavior and attitude of these guys when we talk about CE in bank branches.
    Sometimes they are rude, sometimes not, but almost everywhere they are definitely off the standards of behavior in this bank and not aimed to make a good impression on the customer. They aren’t associated with the bank, they are like aliens!

    Of course they are not those gloomy ex-special forces guys with AK-47 who guarded bank branches in the 90’s; but they still look at the customer as he is something between a robber and a beggar….

    One representative example case of what I call ‘anti-customer behavior’ happened some time ago in one of the bank branches in Moscow.

    To avoid possible speculations I can say that this is one of the biggest and best-performing Russian privately held banks, pretty good recognized as a ‘good one’ in Retail service and products. Also it gained one of best marks in latest CEI.
    The branch where the case happened is located in the very central area, servicing mainly mass-affluent and affluent customers.

    I came approx. 10 minutes before branch closure and wanted to gain my reissued credit card. The gatekeeper met me near the door which was already closed (!) in an old sweater (usually this guys wear black suits but this one already prepared to go home) and without being happy finally opened it. There was a queued so I received chance to look around.

    In several minutes a lady who was doing some transfers from one account to another leaved the branch – the guy opened the door without saying ‘goodbuy’ or something like that.

    In a minute she wanted to go back to the branch – but the door was closed. The guy opened it but stood right in front of her – he didn’t wanted to let her come in!

    The lady tried to explain that she forgot to make one more transfer but this didn’t work. The guy in a not friendly manner said “NO” and tried to close the door, but finally after some skirmish he finally allowed her to enter.

    The lady was very angry but still able to make all her ops despite the fact that official branch working time was over – the girls at the front desk work on ‘last client’ basis 🙂

    I’m note sure but with certain probability this lady will close her account in this bank.

    And 100% she will tell this story to all her friends – I’m sure bank will lose more revenues than it would spend on hiring a new gatekeeper.

    • Hahahaha Good one Sasha!!! 😀 Gatekeepers – Cerberuses who don´t let customers to go in )))) Funny but ugly truth in the Russian and Ukrainian banks …

    • Is it typical for a company to stop people from entering during the later business hours? I’ve done it before, but is it a bad thing? Usually businesses are happy to see more customers.
      Also, I’m still confused by these gatekeepers. What exactly do they do if they look like beggars and used to carry AK-47s? Were all banks in Russia this scary?