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    I’ll share a not-so-funny story that I witnessed in one of the Russian Standard Bank branches.

    I was waiting in a line when I heard an old man was speaking loudly to the branch manager in her office. He was saying that he has been paying off his loan for 12 month into a wrong account and no one warned him. And now he has a huge debt and a spoiled credit history for no good reason. The branch manager rejected to help and the man walked away shaking his head.

    Once he was gone, one of the sales guys cut off the customer his was listening to and ran into the office of the branch manager closing the door after himself.

    I heard impish laughter of both of them 10 seconds later. “Did you hear that? What an idiot, he paid into a wrong account!”

    The culture in the branches of this technologically-advanced Russian bank is really pathetic. No forward thinking in terms of customer service or at least retaining customers which is confirmed by CEI-2012.

    • Actually, it’s funny) hopefully, it was still his account…

    • It was his other account but they spoiled his credit history and had him on the hook.
      Still, nothing funny from my side, he was an old man.

    • There was nothing in place to help him with the situation, or just the managers were unwilling to help him? I can’t believe that nothing was done to help him at all.