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    Not sure if it’s the right group to post it, but that small article is something everyone at Senteo have to read. 😉

    • Funny !! Great article. I’m not sure I would like people to tattoo themselves with the Senteo Logo, however. What happens when there is a brand refresh or a rebranding effort. Then everyone has to get another one ??? I think there is a difference between loyalty and being a crazy fanatic. The fact that the company is asking people to do this is a bit dramatic and short sighted in my opinion…

    • Agree with Michael that it’s a bit short sided from the company side to do that, although the pay raise would probably cover the tattoo removal if needed. It doesn’t necessary demonstrates loyalty if they are basically paid to put a tattoo on.

      • I feel the same. When there’s money involved, I’ll take the bait. Why would someone want to get their company logo tattooed on themselves? Better yet, who would even see it? I’m not gonna plaster it on my face for everyone to see, so where’s the benefit in that?