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    Regarding relationship centricity: what if the organization is broken in terms of infrastructure and organizational structure, shall one introduce relationship centricity in the first place or shall one fix the basic organizational features first? Opinions? Experience?

    • Great Question Sasha !! This is one of the key barriers for most organizations (especially very large companies) in achieving a focus on the quality of relationships with their customers. In most cases, there is a disconnect between the strategic goals of the organization / management and the people who are actually interacting with customers. In many cases, this creates a significant gap between the “promise” of the organization and the “delivery” of that promise, and usually the result is quite sad.

      One of the key principles that organizations must accept is that their organizational structure, management model, and performance measurement systems must be adapted to reflect and support the quality of customer relationships. If these three elements are not in perfect working order to support the goals of a relationship-centric business model, then the results will surely be unflattering and/or unsustainable.

    • I think the bank should fix the basic things first, but with some perspective vision. For example, if the bank doesn’t have an Internet Bank, it should be implemented before PFM tools, but the IT infrastructure should be flexible enough to support easy integration with PFM in future.

    • Absolutely agree with you Alexey, the Internet Bank is indispensable to have nowadays! Managing money can become an enormous headache. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that local banks and credit unions can be difficult to use. Just look at the hours of operation for most banks: Who has time to visit the bank during those inconvenient and limited hours of operation? Good luck trying to contact your credit union by phone after regular business hours too. 😀 This is why online banking services are so appealing to many people today.
      With online banking services, you’ll never need to stand in line waiting for a teller to finally pay attention to you. You can scan and directly deposit checks at any time of day, any day of the year. There are savings and checking accounts available. You can accomplish everything you can do at a traditional bank much quicker and more conveniently with online banking services.

    • Two side notes:
      1. From what I’ve seen fixing the three things that Michael mentioned often reveals a lot of value by itself.
      2. Decisions for fixing those things are made at the very top level of the organization.
      3. (Ah, one more) Relationship marketing topics are often advocated at the level of complaints management teams, customer satisfaction teams and the like. No offense, but it’s nearly impossible for them to persuade the top management to do the big changes. Thus, the scope of customer experience is dramatically contracted.