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    I’m continuing to post infrastructure-related things. Let me know if this is off-topic in this thread. 😉

    Quite familiar example from a recent client: both the business people and the IT people have heard a lot about relationship management, CRM tools, cross-sales etc. However, current organization have little if any features and processes aimed to create relationship contact, to manage relationship and cross-sales properly. So what do they do? Do they introduce relationship processes to get familiar with the approach, the mechanics of it and the like? Or do they buy an expensive industrial CRM platform in some mid-term future and hope that they’ll figure out how do the processes later?

    I’ll let you guess the answer and comment on. 🙂

    • Sasha, my vote goes to Introduce relationship processes and figure out how it works, and then knowing the processes in practice stake on the fancy CRM platform. And now tell us what they prefered to do??? 😀

    • They’re still thinking but their idea is to build a platform just in case and then tweak it according to whatever they figure out they need to do after the implementation.