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    For all those Mac lovers and haters out there. Another example of emotions-driven ad for certification course.

    • Sasha… you just don’t like the Mac… They could have done this years ago 🙂

    • funny 🙂 in defence of Mac lovers – I saw on TV (I don´t remember in what country) an experiment to verify the simplicity of Windows 8. One person with the laptop with Windows 8 was asking people on the street if they know how to Turn Off Computer (the usual red button in the previous versions of Windows). The funny thing is that almost nobody couldn´t find the way to turn off the computer hahaha 🙂 Only a few people have reached this. How intuitive is that? 😀

    • They could have done this, but they haven’t. Of course, why bother when it’s just a Mac.

    • Tanya the Mac Lover, same mumbling was heard when they launched innovative Office 2007 interface.

    • A departure from my usual well-cited responses: this ad was brilliant. The way that they portrayed – simple, intuitive, dynamic – not only attracts interest, but intrigue as well. How does this work? Is this really the demonstrator? Am I actually being taught how to use a computer by a child who has to use a step stool? I use the Windows 8 system on a few of my personal devices and yet I am still in awe of this advertisement and how effective it is!

    • When would this ever happen? I understand they are trying to show that even a child can use Windows 8, but a child can be trained and learn just like an adult. It is clear that this is not a child who has seen the software for the first time. The ad may look great as a commercial, but this is nowhere near realistic in practice.