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    A Month ago I’ve been to Berlin. And occasionally entered the Deutsche Bank branch (located in the main street in the center), which looked like a Samsung shop with plasma TVs and tablets at the entrance. Also, inside of the branch there was a cafe, souvenir shop, big touch pad screen for goal setting, small rooms for kids, different zones with unique design, even a place for presentations (they do it also for non-customers), etc. It’s very big branch, about 500-600 sq. m., but it looks cozy and domestic. Actually, only half of the branch looks domestic due to cafe-bar is located deep inside the branch, the entrance, 24×7 zone and discovery area are designed in high-tech style.
    Employees are very supportive, they don’t push sales, they are proud of working in such amazing branch. The meeter-greeter offered me a free drink (non-alcoholic) and made an excursion for me through the branch, so I can understand the concept. Honestly, this was the most exciting bank branch experience I’ve ever had. By the way, coffee was very good.

    • Your description of the bank does not do it the same justice that your pictures provide. The bank itself is amazing – truly a testament to the heightened quality and experience that Deutsche Bank is trying to provide. From the entrance to the bar, the bank seems to boast sophisticated machines coupled with attentive staff and a very modern, relaxing atmosphere. The way that you were approached by the greeter and how he did not immediately push a sale upon you makes the experience more natural and welcoming than a typical bank. Hopefully I can visit a branch like this one day and see for myself what the future of the retail banking sector will be like.

    • I don’t get how some of the features make sense. Why would you want a cafe in your bank? Better yet, why would you want a souvenir shop in your bank?

      • When you think of a bank, you don’t usually think of a place to sit and relax. Most people are in and out of there as quickly as possible, so adding these things slows down the pace. Coffee is great because I do my banking in the morning on the way to work, so if I can get some coffee where I can do my banking it will save me a trip to the local cafe. Souvenirs are funny because you can only have this sort of feature in a touristy area like Berlin. Again, if it can save you a trip that’s great. Plus people can go there instead of the actual store, and maybe they will like the bank itself.