• Hi. The world id flooded with terrifying customer experience behaviors. The ones that have been brought to this community refer mostly to (I would suppose) private businesses, where the owners should pay attention to the service they provide purely because this is their money they multiply or lose on every customer interaction. However, the most…[Read more]

    • Hi! I don’t follow you 100%, what countries are you talking about? I only know of the services in the US, so not too sure I can answer this, especially since we don’t see it here. What public services are you talking about?

    • I do agree with you that there is heavy emphasis on the private sector. This possibly stems from the background of the founders and partners and the company history (see http://www.senteo.net/about/history/); each of them has a background within the banking industry, and, with the exception of Tom Mouhsian’s lobbying, it seems like they have had…[Read more]

    • I’ve been skeptical about how they avoid the public sector as well. As I see it, there are a lot of holes to fill if they plan to make this all work for public services. When there isn’t competition there’s no one to force things to improve. That’s why our services are terrible and bleed money. Employees don’t care about taxpayers or doing the…[Read more]

      • You’re right that the states are the only competition for government services, but you need to remember that a lot of these services really can’t be filled by more than one group. I don’t think society would operate well with multiple police agencies or competing welfare systems. Can you imagine calling 911 and being asked, “Would you like ABC…[Read more]

    • Yes, the discussions in most of the Community deal with private businesses, but that is because a majority of us operate within the private sector. I won’t say that I know a lot about public services, but what I do know is from personal experience. Most of the things we take for granted like infrastructure, schools, and police, vary from state t…[Read more]

    • Hi Zbigniew,

      Great to see you posting in here. There is a great case study on our website (senteo.net/transformation/case-studies/georgian-ministry-of-justice) which is the Georgian Ministry of Justice Public Service Hall. This project even won an “Innovative Government” Award from the United Nations. It’s worth a look at the case study to…[Read more]

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