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  • Unfortunately most of the time, what these environments end up reflecting is the quickly fading “last trends” in architecture/interiors, or the last “master piece” of a famous designer. In most cases, not only does not add any value to the experience of the client, but also creates an expectation not fulfilled, giving an overall negative impress…[Read more]

    • This is actually a very important issue – not only do many environments only reflect passing trends and fashions but they have actively ignored even the basic needs of the user in order to create a statement or fulfil an architectural or design idea.
      Ultimately there is a big difference between designing an architectural space and creating an…[Read more]

    • How funny, yesterday we have been talking about this issue with friends, and came up to a simple solution. There always must be 2 types of designers working on a project: “Fairy designer”, thinking about experiential atmosphere, colors, emotions etc., and “Redneck designer” who should take care of practical aspects of environment usage)

    • Im going to take issue with this. This is one of the great misconceptions of design, that it is all about either being entirely about the beauty or its about complete practicality. Look at an Aston Martin, looks to die for and frankly some of the best engineered cars in the world no matter from what era you look at. Then lets look at, for example…[Read more]

    • I don’t agree with your stance on this topic. In my experience, these “irrelevant” details that do not directly affect my visit are what make the visit memorable. My position in both sales and marketing make it easy for me to see that customers look for more than just improvements to their daily tasks. When you walk into a store or a res…[Read more]

      • I get it, you disagree, but how do little things like plants make the experience better? If you want to go in a bank to get something done, won’t things like that get in the way? I like things more streamlined so I get done faster.

        • When you’ve been from the bottom to the top in sales and marketing, you learn that the little touches are what make things different. If you walk into 3 offices, all basically empty with same sales pitch and person but one office has a decorative urn or a painting on the wall, you’re going to remember that office with the extra decoration. It…[Read more]