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    The other experience was in a hospital, a place that normally, you would not associate with good experiences, but it was…
    Two days ago I woke up with one of my eyes the size of a golf ball, so risking scaring small children, I went to my nearest hospital. It has been recently built, it looks very modern and they are using quite a lot of technology (screens for queue management, QR codes in the tickets to access different areas, etc). It was my first time there, so I went to the information desk (very big, well signalled and with several staff, very unusual for Spain), as I was asking for directions, I noticed a middle age couple (a bit lost) asking where 3 different specialities were. I already had the info I needed so I left towards the ophthalmology area. While I was waiting to see the doctor, the middle age couple passed by with one of the information desk staff members, been a bit of a gossip, I started listening to their conversation. It turns out that the hospital has an introduction tour!! They take you thru the different sections ( I assume not all of them, but the ones you are more likely to visit), they teach you how to use some machines that they have scattered around for pre booking appointments and other services, and they give you a parking voucher if it is your first time there.

    • in the hospital?!! it´s incredible!! this kind of stuff makes us(customers) to come back and to recommend the service/company/organization to people we know.

    • Are hospitals charging for parking in other countries? That’s weird – you have to pay to be at the hospital. Is all the technology good for the hospital, or is it just confusing for most patients? What was it like to step inside there for the first time – were you overwhelmed?