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    Hi all,
    In terms of Customer Experience Culture, I totally agree with our motto “Turn the customers into fans”.
    How we do that ? Quite simple : all the non facing customers employees need to get thru a customer direct contact program either phone calls , online feedback, or stores visits.
    The main goal is to deeply understand the real needs, what’s behind any simple or complex request which comes from our customers. In that way, the customer centric culture could be adopted more eficiently by every single employee.
    Of course, tuning the customers into fans isn’t an easy job and it should start with turning our emplyees into fans , so they can provide this culture all over in an appropriate way.
    We did the first step, now I look forward the explore different practices.
    Thanks, waiting for your feedback 🙂

    • The important thing here is obtaining customer feedback on constant basis in a structured way (different channels, different types of contact etc.) to make sure your culture starts working properly. How do you handle this so far?

    • Agree with you 100% :). At the moment, we are colecting the customer feedback exactly how you say. For the business clients ( where I am responsable for their experience ), we are looking on type of interaction – proactive and reactive – and channels – internal and outsourced – Apart of that, I personaly follow my own program ” In touch with customer ” – wich means visits and talking directly with business customer on different topics to understand their perception about these. And would be usually other methods like market surveys, NPS reports, ENPS reports, focus groups and so on. How does it sound ? Is anyone who uses other methods / tehnics ? Please share 🙂

    • hi there
      One thing that would be nice, is for companies to be brave enough to look at the negatives in their customer relations and interactions – what are we doing that isnt actually 100% right, and trying to fix them, even if it is slowly. Too many surveys out there only deal with the positives, with many businesses falsly believing that everything is fine and they can carry on as normal.

      There has to be a lot of value, particularly in experiences, in learning from the negatives.

    • I think that the technique itself is not so important, all methods are well-known and there is nothing revolutionary.
      Usually, the main challenge with customer feedback and quality of experience is in strong discipline, being structured and pragmatic. Collect feedback in all channels, on constant basis, from different segment, be able to track the dynamic and see the progress, conduct an analysis in multidimensional perspective, etc. And the most important thing here – is how quickly and effectively you react and how successful you are in eliminating things which motivate customer to leave and creating things which motivate customer to stay.

    • Speaking about techniques, the most undeveloped area – is measuring customer loyalty and relationship strength. NPS doesn’t work here because it describes the past, but doesn’t answer the question, whether customer will be loyal tomorrow if he will be offered the same product for lower price and more functional channels for free. We apply or own methodology which is called RSI (Relationship Strength Index), which is not 1-time survey, but it is more like a set of customer surveys which are conducted on a constant basis. It requires a certain period of time for measuring the relationship strength.

    • Hi,
      Appart of all the surveys and reports which I agree with you that are some measurement tools , I really focus on my personal initiative “In touch with customer”- where I try to understand their negatives and to build appropriate solutions in order to turn them into positives. And so far, it is really succesfull 🙂

    • And I think it is another important element which comes as a big plus, besides discipline : all the employees, no matter department they belong to, should be “on the same boat” when it comes to customer delight ( above the customer expectations )

    • Wouldn’t customers be annoyed and stop answering all the surveys and questions? How would you get your employees to be customer focused? And even if you could, wouldn’t all of this be pretty expensive for a company to go through?