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    So it’s been a long time but what are some companies that do have experiential innovation? It looks like no one is doing anything different right now to me.

    • I think the same thing sometimes. I don’t really practice it all that much at work. It’s not like we have a lot to do with it anyways. Sure I keep my clients happy and make sure they’re comfortable with what I advise, but nothing too different than what everyone else is doing. Doesn’t seem like this is a big thing for me.

    • Large corporations are usually the most visible of all businesses, and it is much more difficult to implement a new form of experiential innovation in that setting than in a smaller business. Often times you will see them field test new ideas in small offices. I believe this is why we are not seeing sweeping changes in the industry. Then again, there are changes in specific industries that can be seen, such as with many gyms expanding their offerings to include “scenario training” in addition to the standard weightlifting regimens. I believe we will see changes over time, but they will trickle through starting with the smallest businesses and working upwards.

    • Because it isn’t different. How can you expect people to believe the fads about all of this. Look, you need to get that whats really happening is that we meet expectations and people walk away happy. It isn’t some big scheme to get people to experience new things. We just give them what they want and they come on back.

    • I believe that we are doing things differently, just it is on a very gradual progression so we are not seeing the sort of dynamic innovation that has come in the past. Everything has been moving so quickly with the new technology and trends, but now that things are beginning to settle we are seeing less change and more businesses simply adapting to the new environment. This is simply a lull that we are unused to seeing; we have progressed so rapidly that it is foreign to think that innovation can stagnate. However, I agree with Ray Andrew’s comment that different businesses and industries are progressing. I noticed, too, that my gym has been making strides in an effort to change their culture and offerings. What I believe is that we have become so accustomed to the new and the daring that we are numb to the smaller changes in experiential innovation that are occurring. Take, for example, the growing willingness for businesses to offer unique, almost one-off experiences to their customers. This is not something that is available to the larger corporations. You see this almost exclusively with the smaller businesses. Additionally, have you noticed that even fast food is trending towards offerings that engage the customer? Chipotle is a leader in this regard as they offer food that is customized to order. Subway is another chain that practices this, but it does lack the cultural following that Chipotle creates with their emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and supporting the community. If you follow the industry, the standard fast food chains are losing ground in comparison to these types of businesses. Change is coming slowly and in different industries, but I assure you that experiential innovation is very much alive.

    • Deano! Have you heard a company called Nike? Big ol swoosh? Of course you have! 😛 Now they may not do it everywhere, but in the biggest stores they’ve got some seriously innovative stuff. We’re talking treadmills, virtual driving ranges, football ladders. The whole nine years so you can try out your gear before you buy it. If that isn’t experiential then I don’t know what is! 🙂