• Dean posted an update in the group Group logo of Customer Experience CultureCustomer Experience Culture 5 years ago

    I really am liking how a lot of companies are changing things up. We had some consulting company come in to evaluate how our business is running and they were really focusing on making things better for the customer. They redid the layout of the store and everything. But is this something that is going to be done over and over again across all companies until it’s the norm? I don’t like the idea of all this money and effort to change being wasted if everyone else does exactly the same thing.

    • I do not believe that this is a phase of business that can be so easily commoditized for the simple fact that it is a change that is vastly expensive in terms of both money and human resources. It is difficult to overhaul a business to be more relationship centric, so many companies will opt to avoid this option of improving operations. There will be some who do make the move, and that will lead to a competitive advantage over others.

    • James replied 5 years ago

      Money is king when it comes to businesses, If it’s something expensive we’re sure to see people drop it in favor of keeping money in the bank. I know I would. So yeah, if you make the investment you’ll get some returns and you won’t have everyone changing over all at once. Some people will, some people won’t. It’s up to the business owner and depends on the industry.

    • I am not sure that many companies would invest in reestablishing their culture and workforce in a more relationship centric fashion. For mature companies, overhauling their operations so such an extent would probably be more detrimental overall despite the long term benefits. Dramatic changes would involve a lot of reassessment of value and worth by customers, and in such a competitive landscape, I can see many companies abiding by what has worked historically instead of what they believe will work in the mid to distant future.

    • Well of course it’s gonna be a problem. You think that companies are gonna ignore what is going to make them money? My advice – save your money and stay the course like a sensible business owner. You’ll make all that money the rest of them are losing while they try to “innovate”