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    A long time ago I had a run-in with an old employer of mine. It’s a small bank in a suburban town in Wisconsin. They aren’t very big, and when I left the town they didn’t seem like they were doing too great. This was all before the recession, so I thought they were wiped out when the markets crashed. I went back home over the weekend and saw the bank still there, and still pretty busy. How could they manage to get through the recession? I can’t see how.

    • I’d say they probably had some pretty dedicated customers who were loyal to them. Small places like that can save a ton by cutting stuff and not having to pay for big expenses like insurance or anything like that. So small businesses have the advantage when it comes to cutting costs and only using the bare minimum on a daily basis.

    • Well, that’s quite a surprise to hear a small business stuck around through the recession. They must be doing well now if they survived! But that’s how it works, the strong will make it through and they’ll be there to get all the customers that are left behind when everyone else closes šŸ˜‰