• I can’t believe I never joined this group earlier! After all, when it comes to businesses my favorite part to manage and talk about is how we make customers comfortable and happy when they shop with us 🙂 That’s what keeps them coming back after all!

  • I believe we are entering a business environment where the business itself is more heavily reliant upon its personal branding than the offering itself. A common case-in-point is that businesses are currently being scrutinized the instant that a customer sees their presence, whether it is physical or digital. The first impression, after all, is…[Read more]

    • Let’s not discount how well a business operates though! Can’t judge a book by it’s cover after all 😉 Yep, we see people making more decisions from the get go than before, but still lots of people who try to test the services before making a choice you know 😀

  • I think it’s important to note just how big social media is with businesses nowadays. You can complain to a business and call them on their regular hotline, and maybe you will receive an answer or connect with an agent. Or you can call them out on social media like Twitter, start up a firestorm, and have them contacting you within minutes. The…[Read more]

    • That is just part of the natural progression of technology and business. Social media is becoming a major part of a business’s operations, and that is now how businesses need to start addressing their customers. It is the natural flow of how things work in society – as a new channel becomes popular, businesses need to respond or risk being left…[Read more]

      • That’s the new trend, and I get that it’s a big up and coming thing, but I just don’t think it’s going to catch on. It’s a place where people make stories and talk about what they hate, so social media is not stable enough to be a good contact point. Once we get a system that’s easy to work with in terms of submitting concerns, then they’ll funnel…[Read more]

    • Social media is proving itself to be quite the formidable foe in regards to stalwarts traditional marketing. I myself have witnessed social media have a profound impact upon businesses and their reputation around the world. One such example is Turing Pharmaceuticals and the backlash they faced following the increase of drug prices. While, yes,…[Read more]

    • How can you effectively use social media as a professional business? I don’t see how it can work since you can’t control what everyone else is saying about your business. Everyone on the internet can have an opinion of your business and make their words known to millions in an instant. How do you build your reputation on the web when a few bad…[Read more]

    • How effective is this? Social media is big and all, but it really is just something that is up and coming. Nothing has been established yet, so no need to build it up as if it is the end all be all of the business world. Companies are still going to rely on call centers and online submission forms. It is the tested way of doing things, and it is…[Read more]

  • Ever realize how theme parks make such great environments? You spend money just to be there like it’s an exclusive club. I think banks can do the same and make it feel like you really are a part of something special, like by net worth or income maybe. You can make the bank nicer with artwork and furniture to make it seem upscale. Maybe that can…[Read more]

    • I believe that this works because theme parks play on the concept of selling an experience and activities that go along with it. On the other hand, banks and financial institutions sell products and services directly associated with their trade – money. These are things that are maintained over long periods of time, and thus cannot necessarily be…[Read more]

      • Obviously I replied to the wrong post, but anyways, I don’t really think that it’s worth the investment. It’s a big charge just to make things a little nicer and maybe bring in new people. Personally, I wouldn’t see it as worth the expense or risk of implementation.

        • There are always situations where it may be more expensive to actually implement a new concept. However, if you can weigh out the costs and benefits then you can evaluate whether or not it is worth the risk. In this case, I agree that there is quite a bit on the line in terms of money that probably would not be worth it in most cases. I still…[Read more]

    • While I do agree that this is a novel way to attract customers, I must concur with James and point out that this is a strategy that has a great deal of upfront investment that may not generate a sufficient return. Physical presence for a business, while an important representation of the culture and face of the company, is an aspect of traditional…[Read more]

      • So are you saying that it wouldn’t ever work for businesses to grow by making their stores more attractive? I was thinking it would be the same as a regular remodel.

        • There is potential that this will have a positive impact upon the business, but that impact is marginal compared to other methods that can be used. For the banking industry, it may be more worthwhile to invest in talent, personnel, and services. However, a traditional remodel can be effective, it just may have limited success.

    • Great idea, and while we’re at it we might as well hand them free products and services as well. Really, who would spend all that money to build up a nice bank when your customers don’t even come in the doors? The issue isn’t making the place nicer so that people come in – it’s about giving them a reason for them to be there in the first place. If…[Read more]

      • Same as what I said above, I don’t get how it wouldn’t work. People would go see places that are new or interesting because it will catch their eye. I was thinking it would be the same sort of deal and people would come to the bank looking to see what’s new, then being sold on new products.

    • James replied 4 years ago

      Not undermining you or anything, but I don’t think it can work that way. You go to a theme park because you want to be in that setting. A bank? You go there to do your business and then be done with it. You can make an atmosphere, but it’s like making a bathroom fancy. Yeah, it’s nice at first, but I think the appeal wears off over time. It’ll…[Read more]

  • Just got a business card from a tech company in my area. It was pretty neat, actually interfaced with a QR code and had functionality with NFC signals on the phone. Bump the phone to it and you’ll pull up their website with a special client portal. Is this how things are going to be now? At your fingertips on your phone without even needing an…[Read more]

    • People are moving towards a more digital society whether businesses want to accept it or not. At this point, I do believe that businesses need to master the digital realm and blend technology into their offerings. Blend is the important word, though, because they need to balance the digital offerings with a strong physical presence that appeals to…[Read more]

    • You either do one or the other. People or tech. It’s not something that you can just magically do both of. Have you heard of a company that does it all like that? Tech is too new for old people, but great for kids. People skills aren’t something the young people have. Two markets, so we’re not gonna see a big transfer to one or the other.

      • James replied 4 years ago

        Maybe they can find a middle ground that will appeal to both sides. The safety of familiar tech and products for the old, and newer products for the young. Plus you can upsell the new products since they’ll be more expensive to manage anyways. Slowly build in that new fee or increased cost so that you have a new client base that is used to the…[Read more]

    • Is it something thats that amazing? I want to be able to experience it myself. I’ve never had the chance to work with anything too high tech like that, but it sounds interesting.

  • Just got a business card from a tech company in my area. It was pretty neat, actually interfaced with a QR code and had functionality with NFC signals on the phone. Bump the phone to it and you’ll pull up their website with a special client portal. Is this how things are going to be now? At your fingertips on your phone without even needing an…[Read more]

  • I want to share an experience I had with a themed store here in Las Vegas. Recently, I visited the aptly named Zombie Apocalypse Store that is just off of the Strip, and I have to say that it did have some interesting points that would help with improving a regular business’s model and environment. The service and actual business were somewhat…[Read more]

    • And how do you think a “zombie” shop is a good model for a bank? It makes no sense that we should take a tip from some retail store that bets on gimmicks instead of actual advantages. Who cares about some store that has to stay in business by using fads and tricks. That won’t work for a regular business

    • Dean replied 5 years ago

      I’m still iffy on if this is something we would want to see for financial services though. Do you want a safari jungle themed bank? Would it make it much better? Aaron has a good point here. I want my bank to just be a bank, and how I think of a bank is how banks are right now. Maybe they can be better, but nothing wrong with it now

    • I don’t like forcing the bank to be something it’s not. It’s not a place for you to see everything that’s going on. It’s for security purposes. I’d say if you want to make the bank better, make it visually match a theme. Like a bank that would cater to high class would have classy art and all that jazz. Something more middle road would have…[Read more]

  • This just in! Hot off the presses! Senteo just pumped out a feature on this article:

    So I was reading it and thinking. Wow, I do this! Do you guys do this too? I bet you do! So I’m thinking, is there a way to change up how employees communicate with…[Read more]

    • And how do you expect a business to even try to fix this? Take away customer phones? We just need to get more people working and quicker turnaround time for everything. It’s not rocket science people.

      • The issue is that businesses cannot compete for attention with the customer. If customers are already distracted once they enter the building, it is more difficult to please them. This is a case where the issue is with the customer not using the products and services offered immediately, leading to their dissatisfaction. I don’t think this is…[Read more]

    • Dean replied 5 years ago

      I don’t really feel so sure that that’s a good way to change up a restaurant. I like to eat in peace unless I need something. Then I’ll ask for the waiter and tell them what I need. Basically, I want be served but not hassled. It’s just for eating after all, not like I expect a show

      • Hey, who said that you won’t have your privacy? We’re just thinking of ways to make it better for the customer 🙂 if that means less talk and more action, then I would be all for it! Communication isn’t just vocal, but also through action as well. A smile, simple gestures, all sorts of things can make it better and more of an experience 😀 Think…[Read more]

    • I do believe that restaurants fall outside the realm of a standard business. Their operations, while customer centric, emphasize products as heavily as their service. Essentially, they are a hybrid between the two, and it is difficult for them to specialize in one or the other to such an extent that they will be known solely for it. As I see it,…[Read more]

  • So what would be a good experiential environment? Like, what would be an example of one? I want to have an idea of a model to follow if I try to come up with new ideas.

    • This is not one that I believe you will be able to gain a great deal of insight from, but I recently was at Six Flags and was pleasantly surprised by how well they were able to create this experience of being in a different themed area. In particular, I am speaking of Camp Snoopy. In addition to the rides (in this case, their services), they…[Read more]

      • You know, it doesn’t really make that much sense for the banking industry but I get the idea with what you’re talking about. In the end, we just want to immerse the customer and them to feel like they are actually part of the world we make. So, banking is profession, amusement park is childish.

        • That is the main goal. We want to be able to create a situation where we become immersed in the environment. This allows us to fully enjoy and feel what it is that we are experiencing. Rather than engaging a single sense, we are unconsciously feeling every single aspect of our environment.

    • An environment that I fondly remember is reminiscent of a museum – constantly changing but consistently flawless in presentation. There was a real estate office that I used when I purchased my first home that captured the idea of an experiential customer environment. It was similar to an Ikea in the way that their areas were furnished, but these…[Read more]

  • Here’s a great ad I saw referencing the World Cup. It does not come right out and say it, but it really speaks to how we are influenced by what we love. In this case they showcase soccer and how it is a part of people’s lives no matter their age or demographic. I thought it was a great way to showcase the love of the game and keep people…[Read more]

    • Seems cool but I don’t get how this makes mickey Ds look all that good. They have one sign at the end and that’s it. I wouldn’t have even known what the ad was if I only caught part of the commercial. To me, not enough of the brand coming through. Great commercial though.

      • I do not think that the main goal was to highlight McDonald’s. Really what I think they were trying to do was associate the love for soccer with that of McDonald’s, saying that McDonald’s is just as passionate as they are. Hence, they made the commercial and feature all sorts of World Cup advertising buzz. This is in addition to creating something…[Read more]

    • This is a wonderful find that supports the idea that experiential communications do not necessarily have to constantly highlight the brand that is being promoted. From the video you can clearly see that they are trying to capture the essence of what it means to be a fan, showing that it permeates even into everyday life.

    • It’s fun but there’s not much else to it. You got people to watch a video but didn’t really tell them anything about you or the company. How is that experiential at all?

      • Well you obviously watched it, meaning that it had an impact 🙂 Not to mention that now we know that McDonald’s is a sponsor of the world cup and is proud enough to focus on the love of the game instead of their own products. If you ask me, that’s pretty big

    • I like the commercial but I don’t get how it’s experiential. Care to explain it a bit to me? It’s going way over my head.

      • The experiential side of this commercial does not directly influence viewers. The primarily aim of this advertisement is simply to appeal to those who have a passion for the sport. As I see it, it invokes the “why” surrounding people and their daily activities; they love soccer and incorporate it into their everyday lives. This rings true with…[Read more]

    • Whoa, how did I miss talking about this? The cup was amazing and this commercial played a bunch of times! You know, this really got me thinking. Was it worth it? Trick question – of course it was! I still remember the commercial, which means it was effective in getting in our heads.

  • So I saw this article today and was thinking about how we talk about customer experience. Do we really have the chance to change someone’s experience or is it just meeting their expectations? I was getting around to the idea of us actually having that sort of influence, but this makes it seem like we are still far behind in that…[Read more]

    • Good thing I check this group daily for updates 🙂 I read the article and I think it’s fantastic! We do change experiences and make people happy. That’s why it works, you know 😉 It’s us making customer experience better

    • I wanna point out that expectations are part of the experience too! Who’s ever gone anywhere without expectations? No one, that’s who! 🙂 And its our job to make sure that those expectations are beat every time. That’s how we get loyal customers! 😀

    • I don’t get why you think meeting expectations is suddenly some sort of experiential thing. If you don’t make customers happy then you don’t stay in business, that’s that. Expectations are what you are trying to meet in the first place. This isn’t anything new. Meeting someone’s expectations isn’t suddenly a new experience. It’s expected.

      • The experiential aspect is not simply meeting the customer’s expectations – it is the process in which it occurs as well as how the customer’s expectations are exceeded. I believe it is important to note that in any business the customer’s expectations are the main measurement of whether or not the job or product was successful. While, yes, any…[Read more]

        • I understand it, but how do we apply it to the financial services industry? I’m not one to be going around making sandwiches with my clients. But I’m not about to show them the ins and outs of my business. We can’t just hold their hand and walk them through the process of managing their wealth, so how do we make it experiential?

          • The reason no one answered yet is because you can’t. You just can’t. Some things work out for some businesses, but for us there are limits. None of these guys get it and they’ll try to make it happen, but I don’t see that plan working anytime soon.

    • If you read the above comment I made in response to Aaron you will see that we still can create an experience while meeting expectations. From my work, I have seen that it is the delivery to the customer that creates the most lasting experience. While there are products that must be worked to create an experience, my work has shown that we…[Read more]

  • So here’s a video I caught on the internet a while back. Seemed like an interesting one that had a lot of potential to go viral. I think it’s good. What about you?

    • I have heard about this video and decided to watch it when you had posted it. Personally, I think it is a great piece of branding on the part of Coca Cola. While they were striving to achieve a viral result, the main purpose of this video seems to be the idea that Coca Cola serves as an icebreaker for individuals. In the context of the college…[Read more]

      • I’m pretty sure they just wanted a viral hit and they got it. Not too sure if they were looking for that other stuff but it’s not like it hurts them either.

    • Well it’s about time someone came alive in here! You know me, when someone starts talkin I come a runnin! 😉 This video is just awesome. I really like it a whole lot! 🙂 It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s engaging. What more could you want? Makes me wanna grab a coke right now! 🙂

      • I thought the same. Cool way of getting the brand across to a younger generation. Seems difficult to do with banks and financial services though

    • This video has a lot of potential to become something great, but I do not believe it will have the outcome that Coca Cola is striving for. Yes, the product’s new cap is experiential because it goads individuals into working together, but I do not think that this will work as an experiential foray due to the fact that this seems like an isolated…[Read more]

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  • I am definitely being very active today in the Community, but that simply is because the year end is when all of the companies seem to be active and moving except for banks. When I was out shopping I noticed a trend in many of the stores I passed through, there were always things to browse and reasons to linger. Whether it was a bunch of sale…[Read more]

    • Well well well, look who finally weaseled his way back into the Community 😉 Good to see you back up and running, Ray. It was getting pretty quiet in here, but looks like that turkey last week made you wake up instead of fall asleep 🙂 I like the idea of throwing some fun little knickknacks to keep people entertained. I stick to my phone and…[Read more]

      • It is definitely good to be back in the swing of things. I had been bogged down by projects and other tasks, but this season sends my mind racing with ideas and questions to ask the Community. I just feel like adding to the decor and including interesting items creates conversation and buzz. Plants, pamphlets, and magazines are great, but not…[Read more]

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