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    Thought I would share this, a positive experience. I recently stayed at a country hotel in south England. We had arrived very late in the evening and were hungry when we got to the room. The ordered food didnt arrive because the person taking the order had forgotten to write down my room number. however the moment I called they apologised, sent the food two minutes later, didnt charge me and gave me a half bottle of wine.

    Its not very often I leave a UK hotel singing their praises, but this place did all the basic things well. Everyone was friendly, every time you asked a member of staff for something it just happened, if it was going to take a little bit of time they just let you know it might be a while. This is the way it is supposed to be, simple and effective.

    • But why half bottle of wine? Where did the other half go? 🙂

    • Evaporation. Well thats what i call it 😉

    • Yeah, they fixed the problem, but you had to call and tell them that something was wrong before they fixed it. This is bad business sense. The hotel lost money because they didn’t have someone competent to take down your number and get your food to you. This happened to me before, and I can tell you that giving you a free meal and wine was a rare thing for them to do. Most will wave it off, maybe give you a discount, and act like they did nothing wrong. Next time, they should just get the job done right instead of making the stay more troublesome for the customer.