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    Have you guys ever attended one of those reenactments that they have for wars and events? I took part in one at the start of the month and noticed that I was much more interested in the story when I had a role to play. I’m starting to see what this experiential innovation is all about. When you jump into the midst of things you get really dialed in and focused on what’s going on, and for things like banking that is really important. Getting someone involved with the bank means that we aren’t just sitting on the sidelines with whatever accounts we’ve got. Kinda like how I ended up playing soldier on the frontlines, I bet people would be getting into the nitty gritty of their accounts and seeing what else the bank could give them.

    • I have never participated in a war reenactment, but I had had paintball matches that were themed to resemble these types of events. With those types of events, scenarios were created and terrain was made to mirror the actual environment. While I would not say that it made the event seem authentic, it did make me feel emotions thoughts that I believe the actual men would have felt on the battlefield. Reading about these events then actually being placed in a similar environment makes you apply your knowledge and memories, and sometimes the line blurs between the past and the present. It is a surreal experience knowing that you are playing a game that was a life or death situation in the past; you start to think about what happened back then and what must have went through their minds. It definitely enhanced the experience and made it more “real” for me. I would say that it made it a true memorable experience.

      • That works too. I’m thinking that businesses should be framing themselves this way and creating that sort of theme. It makes it easier to become lost in the experience and remember it a bit more.