• James posted an update in the group Group logo of Experiential Innovation Experiential Innovation 5 years, 1 month ago

    Would you guys say that the next point of innovation is the next form of touch? You hear about things being 3D and more lifelike every day. It’s the primary new thing for technology, so do you think that will be the next big thing for businesses too? It seems like since the technology is coming out for new ways to physically interact, that would be the next place we will see innovations

    • This is a question as to whether or not the technology will truly improve the ability of the bank to fully meet their customers’ needs. I personally doubt that this new form of technology will revolutionize banking, simply because I cannot imagine that it would bring any new improvements. Personally, I see this as a simple progression towards a newer way of working with the banks. Banks will not be able to use these new technologies to change how people get their money, but it can help with how they partner with businesses to improve or expand their offerings.

      • James replied 5 years ago

        There’s some ways to make it work though. Touchscreens and model homes for mortgages and stuff. Things to make it tangible. That’s big for me when I go to choose a place to work with. I like results, and if you can touch things you can see what’s going on.

    • I really do not see that happening anytime soon simply because it is not a trend that has been widely adopted at all. It is not something that is easily adapted to the business services industry simply because people will prefer to deal with an individual rather than a machine. People can be held accountable for their actions and have a sense or moral duty and obligation to customers whereas a machine will not be so sensitive with their desires. Money is no small matter, and people will more readily trust a person whom they can see and judge for themselves as trustworthy than a machine that is simply built to do a job. Personally, I would not like to see more “lifelike” systems simply because we already deal with individuals – many of whom are lifelike enough!

    • Dean replied 5 years ago

      But how’s touch gonna be any good? What are we going to do, let people touch the money in the banks? There’s not a lot that’s really something you can make touchable and still have security. I don’t get the idea of using touch to make things better

      • James replied 5 years ago

        I’m thinking touchscreens and things like that. Not sure how else it would work. But that’s one way to make it better.

    • Aaron replied 5 years ago

      What are they gonna do with touch? You can’t just make things work because you want them to. You can’t suddenly make your business do things it’s not supposed to. Banks deal with money. They aren’t supposed to be involved with anything like smells or fancy lighting. It’s a business for money, and that’s they way it should be.