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    Just got a business card from a tech company in my area. It was pretty neat, actually interfaced with a QR code and had functionality with NFC signals on the phone. Bump the phone to it and you’ll pull up their website with a special client portal. Is this how things are going to be now? At your fingertips on your phone without even needing an employee there?

    • People are moving towards a more digital society whether businesses want to accept it or not. At this point, I do believe that businesses need to master the digital realm and blend technology into their offerings. Blend is the important word, though, because they need to balance the digital offerings with a strong physical presence that appeals to the human side of all decisionmaking. This is key as businesses look to attract people with knowledge and information, then seal deals with actual persuasion and emotional appeal.

    • Aaron replied 5 years ago

      You either do one or the other. People or tech. It’s not something that you can just magically do both of. Have you heard of a company that does it all like that? Tech is too new for old people, but great for kids. People skills aren’t something the young people have. Two markets, so we’re not gonna see a big transfer to one or the other.

      • Maybe they can find a middle ground that will appeal to both sides. The safety of familiar tech and products for the old, and newer products for the young. Plus you can upsell the new products since they’ll be more expensive to manage anyways. Slowly build in that new fee or increased cost so that you have a new client base that is used to the higher prices. I think it could work

    • Is it something thats that amazing? I want to be able to experience it myself. I’ve never had the chance to work with anything too high tech like that, but it sounds interesting.