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    I think it’s important to note just how big social media is with businesses nowadays. You can complain to a business and call them on their regular hotline, and maybe you will receive an answer or connect with an agent. Or you can call them out on social media like Twitter, start up a firestorm, and have them contacting you within minutes. The dynamic here has changed, and I think it’s noteworthy that customers have the control again.

    • That is just part of the natural progression of technology and business. Social media is becoming a major part of a business’s operations, and that is now how businesses need to start addressing their customers. It is the natural flow of how things work in society – as a new channel becomes popular, businesses need to respond or risk being left behind. I believe that the current state of affairs are knee jerk reactions where businesses are aggressively responding to new trends, but it will settle and become a part of the regular communication channels of most businesses.

      • James replied 4 years ago

        That’s the new trend, and I get that it’s a big up and coming thing, but I just don’t think it’s going to catch on. It’s a place where people make stories and talk about what they hate, so social media is not stable enough to be a good contact point. Once we get a system that’s easy to work with in terms of submitting concerns, then they’ll funnel to these new channels.

    • Social media is proving itself to be quite the formidable foe in regards to stalwarts traditional marketing. I myself have witnessed social media have a profound impact upon businesses and their reputation around the world. One such example is Turing Pharmaceuticals and the backlash they faced following the increase of drug prices. While, yes, they were within their grounds to do so, it is clear that the public scrutiny they received on social media warranted enough attention that their CEO was inclined to respond. This demonstrates how social media has become a driving force behind not only evaluation of companies, but also how companies respond to negative publicity.

    • How can you effectively use social media as a professional business? I don’t see how it can work since you can’t control what everyone else is saying about your business. Everyone on the internet can have an opinion of your business and make their words known to millions in an instant. How do you build your reputation on the web when a few bad comments can ruin your reputation in a heartbeat?

    • How effective is this? Social media is big and all, but it really is just something that is up and coming. Nothing has been established yet, so no need to build it up as if it is the end all be all of the business world. Companies are still going to rely on call centers and online submission forms. It is the tested way of doing things, and it is far easier to stick with it than to adopt some new fad customer touch point.