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    Regarding to this topic, I think that one of the most important issues is making an attempt for the company staff to feel an important part of the business. I mean, that employees show loyalty not to the company, but to the values that the company tries to transmit by means of them, among other stuff; that employees ask themselves: what is it that the experience I´m offering to my customers does, that makes it different? Which of the values of this company can I keep to myself, and add them to my Personal Branding?
    To my very limited understanding in this topic, trying to link each one´s personal branding to overall company´s brand and identity is a priority key for a right culture development.

    • Jonathan, this reminded me of Russian Citibank’s entrepreneurial culture: certain number of people there don’t ask you “How are your things?” Instead, they always say “How’s your business?” implying that despite they’re all employees of that business, they treat it like it’s their own business, at least partially.