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    Hi! Here you have 10 of the best social media campaigns from 2012:

    Specially interesting is the one called “dumb ways to die”, although I don´t actually know if it gets what it aims, despite the song is so catchy… I encourage you to take a look.

    • Hehe Jony, the truth is that when these types of campaigns (social media) are funny and comic obtain more results and people attention than the boring way of showing facts and statistics.

    • Yeah, Tanya, they are good examples of successful campaigns using social medias such as facebook, twitters and so on, achieving everyone´s attention in brands or messages by means of shocking and gripping viral campaigns. In the previous link you can see information about how these brands obtained a swift growth of fans and visits thanks to these resources. Most of them tried to let people be an active part of the performance, as it was a game, so to encourage them to play. And others, like “dumb ways to die”, talking about something actually awful in a funny way. A blending of joy and education, I think.

    • I loved the video and song – it’s so funny! I probably watched it a few times just because I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂 I didn’t get the actual goal of the video til the end, and I still don’t see how it all ties together, but this still caught my eye.

    • I took the time to go through the article that you posted, Michael, and noticed some great social media campaigns that I believe were filled with genius. The Nike campaign in particular was great; to steal away the spotlight from Adidas, the official Olympic sponsor, just by buying billboards was a cost-effective method of marketing. All of these campaigns were great – the videos were interesting and not the typical ad you would see on television. Specifically, they sought to break the mold and utilize recently popular forms of social media (comical commercials, time lapse videos, catchy songs with quirky animations). This made them wildly successful, and I am sure their efforts were rewarded with increased traffic to their respective businesses.

    • I’ve been looking at a lot of the postings on this page and this is by far one of the worst. How does this have anything to do with train safety? The only thing that says it is at the end of the song when most people have stopped listening to it! Huge waste of advertising dollars for the company.