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    A tiny car accident on the way to a meeting with a Client today. I pushed a car in front of me because I was texting… Thanks to the terrible morning traffic I was only driving 3-5 km/h and it wasn’t a major damage at all. I went outside and literally said to the other driver: “It was definitely my fault and I truly apologies. Is there anything I can do? I have no time to wait for a police officer”. The guy didn’t even leave his car, looked at me, smiled and left without saying a word. That’s what I call “How to WOW an angry customer”.

    • Great story ! Accepting responsibility is a very easy way to ease a person’s nerves when there has been an error.

      Recently, I purchased an airline ticket using reward miles, and the itinerary had a two hour layover between flights. Without notifying me, the airline changed the flight schedule, and, by chance, I checked the itinerary and noticed that I now had a five minute layover between flights that were in two different terminals of the airport.

      I called the airline and explained the situation, and the representative spent the entire time acting like he was doing me a favor by changing to another itinerary. I explained that this inconvenience was caused by the airline and not me, but he still acted as if it was all my fault.

      He could have just said, “I am so sorry that happened. Let’s get you rescheduled on another flight.” and I probably would have been just fine. But the way he handled it without accepting any responsibility for the error of the airline has left a really bad feeling.

      • Did the airline do anything to acknowledge that you had to wait? Or did you complain about how you were treated by the employee to their supervisor? Seems like they could use a lesson in customer centricity.

    • Great example. With the airlines I experienced the same situation several times.
      And it was only once when their behaivor was correct.
      is there any CIE for airlines? 🙂

    • The joke is on you – he is actually on the run from the police and didn’t want to get caught! 😀
      But if there wasn’t any major damage why would he even want to stay? Maybe it was more of an inconvenience to wait than to just deal with the damage himself?