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    Just read this article of Richard Branson on the importance of a smile. Indeed a very powerful tool at no cost to gain loyalty. But I always wondered why in Russia people are not smiling almost at all and it requires an effort for management to teach them to smile. It is so easy…Cheese… Smile…. 

    • Which management do you mean, Ksenia? I haven’t heard about such efforts except for maybe McDonald’s.

    • Three years ago I did the eye laser surgery ana in the my first revision my doctor was something like Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank in the movie The Truman Show, when in the beginning of the movie Truman has this big infinite smile to everyone in the town 😀 So my doctor was smiling this way every time I was visiting him for revisions. He has this kind of smile that infect you and you want to tell everyone about him, his good attention and his clinic. The conclusion is that I´ll remember him and where I did the surgery forever 🙂 This is the effect of SMILE 😀

    • Sasha, Ksenia means the management of the luxury stores where people spend thousands or millions of dollars on one purchase 😀 and McDonald´s of course like you said.

    • This is sad that people don’t smile.. The last time I went to Russia, employees at the stores looked at me like I’m an idiot because I smiled at them 🙂
      A genuine smile can break the ice and build that initial trust. In las vegas, it is pretty common to see employees smile. However, a lot of times, you can see how fake that smile is and is simply part of the outfit, like a shirt or a tie. Every employee is taught to smile but not many of them do it naturally and sincerely. It’s important to not just smile like a robot, but really mean it.

    • I agree that a genuine smile goes a long way, and if the person feels that it is fake, it could possibly have less effect than no smile at all… A genuine smile and, more difficult, genuine interest in helping customers is truly a cultural element. Anyone can force people to smile using performance indicators, controls, and negative motivation tactics. Creating a culture that shows genuine interest in helping customers and a joy in doing so that drives a genuine smile…. that requires a methodology 🙂 Luckily, Senteo has one of those :-)))