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  • Just another shining example of what excellent branding looks like; especially toward the younger generation. Although it is a KIA they are speaking about and the dancing rats have nothing to do with vehicles, this commercial makes you feel as if driving this car would be a great time for you and your friends. It’s innovative, exciting and fun!…[Read more]

    • I’ve seen this commercial and always wondered why they chose to use dancing rodents (i think they’re hamsters?) as their hook, but it works. I don’t know why, but it works. Does this imply that we are merely hamsters running on wheels and such unless we own this car? So confusing, but still so effective.

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    HI Joanna, thank you and welcome to our community.. Please feel free to join into a conversation one of our groups!

  • At numerous banks in the US I have found that they seem more like un-welcoming institution. I understand and realize there is a necessity for safety and security measures; however the tall glass protecting shields that surround tellers and security guards that stand at the door are very un-inviting. Truthfully, they remind me of a movie relating…[Read more]

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      there are numerous problems with these barriers, they tend to create barriers to interaction, and in many respects create behaviour patterns in people that eould not happen if the barrier was not there. ITs similar to peoples behaviour when stuck in traffic in their cars. Even the most mild mannered can become raging bulls screaming abuse at other…[Read more]

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      Ian- Very well said. I agree 100%

    • Another comment on this topic. There are many pieces of technology and processes that can be implemented that provide more safety than the big glass barriers. In reality, those barriers have only made robberies more violent. I remember hearing of a case in which the robber shot a couple of customers in the waiting area and then told the tellers…[Read more]

      • Besides the TCDs you spoke about, what other solutions are there for banks to prevent theft and robbery? Also, if there are options like TCDs, why haven’t they been used everywhere? I don’t see how banks can pass up these changes.

    • In my opinion, I think that there are two types of banks, those ones that Marie talked about, cold and with a taste of prison, (which are the majority) and those who want to be so modern that what they get are open spaces, impersonal, and also cold.

      Recently I’ve been in an ING office in Madrid and I found the second ones, an office more like a…[Read more]

    • I totally agree with you on the “cold” banks. To me, when I see someone standing behind bulletproof class or some sort of protective cage, it feels like I’m talking to a wall and they teller just happens to hear me. Yes they smile, they reply, they look great, but they are hiding from me like I’m a criminal. Do away with the glass and make the…[Read more]

    • All it comes down to is bank safety. Yes, it isn’t the best way to talk to someone, but would you want your rates to go up because the bank is always being robbed? This sort of thing is the tradeoff for having low rates and less fees on your bank accounts. Society makes these sort of precautions a requirement, so you can’t blame banks for acting…[Read more]

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    Recently, my friends and I were vacationing in Laguna Beach, CA, a place that I have visited often. After our morning breakfast my friend and I decided to stop by a very well-known Spa on Pacific Coast Highway that I had been to many times to see if they had time to do a massage for the two of us. The receptionist said “well, we just opened, let…[Read more]

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      wow, Marie! The reception girl definitely didn’t use any common sense. I bet whoever runs this place doesn’t promote a culture of employee empowerment that would allow them to respond differently. Or they don’t train people properly.

    • Interesting example Marie ! I would agree that some of this is training, and, unfortunately, a lot of it is that employee just not thinking about the overall experience for you. If she had thought about it and used a tiny bit of common sense, she would have immediately said something like, “Oh, that’s no problem. Would you like to re-book for…[Read more]

    • This is such an oversight by the receptionist and the company. I cannot believe that she would simply follow protocol to the letter instead of attempting to understand the context of the situation. I am sure that her position there instills this sort of mechanical response, but it still is a terrible oversight on her part. For you to walk into a…[Read more]

    • Geez, sounds like someone was not awake and ready for work that morning! That receptionist needs to realize that in a customer facing position she needs to be warm and accommodating in addition to remembering those whom she has served. It is a shame that the company will lose business over her mistake, but she should be trained to be more customer…[Read more]

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