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    Recently, my friends and I were vacationing in Laguna Beach, CA, a place that I have visited often. After our morning breakfast my friend and I decided to stop by a very well-known Spa on Pacific Coast Highway that I had been to many times to see if they had time to do a massage for the two of us. The receptionist said “well, we just opened, let me check…. you’re in luck, we can get you in a few minutes, have a seat and we will be right with you”. My friend and I sat down for a few minutes. (no more than 3 minutes) then, our other friend that was not with us, called and said she was leaving a bit early and we needed to come say goodbye. My friend and I went to the service desk and advised the same receptionist we had just been speaking to 3 minutes prior, that unfortunately, we were not going to be able to stay for the massages. The receptionist replied ” oh… well, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy so we will have to charge you” Not even knowing how to reply to this statement, we both burst out in laughter. At that point, I explained to the nice girl, 24 hours ago we did not have a reservation and we walked out. This type of “lack of common sense” approach happens much too often in the customer service industry. Why is it that people refuse to use common sense when dealing with an out of the ordinary situation? Is everyone reading from a job manual that they don’t dare stray from? Can you imagine what the response would have been had she dealt with the situation more appropriately? I would have re-booked our appointments! instead, I left and will never go back!

    • wow, Marie! The reception girl definitely didn’t use any common sense. I bet whoever runs this place doesn’t promote a culture of employee empowerment that would allow them to respond differently. Or they don’t train people properly.

    • Interesting example Marie ! I would agree that some of this is training, and, unfortunately, a lot of it is that employee just not thinking about the overall experience for you. If she had thought about it and used a tiny bit of common sense, she would have immediately said something like, “Oh, that’s no problem. Would you like to re-book for another time?” But, as a result of her actions, they lost your business forever. And you are telling people about the bad experience instead of how great the spa and the massage were.

    • This is such an oversight by the receptionist and the company. I cannot believe that she would simply follow protocol to the letter instead of attempting to understand the context of the situation. I am sure that her position there instills this sort of mechanical response, but it still is a terrible oversight on her part. For you to walk into a business and be forgotten in the span of about three minutes is ridiculous. The girl must have been flustered and embarrassed afterwards, but her actions have lost your business. As I see it, the company as a whole should train their staff to be more personable to avoid this sort of situation reoccurring.

    • Geez, sounds like someone was not awake and ready for work that morning! That receptionist needs to realize that in a customer facing position she needs to be warm and accommodating in addition to remembering those whom she has served. It is a shame that the company will lose business over her mistake, but she should be trained to be more customer oriented.