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    A few months ago, I was involved in a 4 car accident in my brand new VW CC that I had purchased a few months prior. It was my dream car that I loved and was completely happy with the process of my purchase. I was hit by two cars, one from behind in the rear trunk and one and in the driver’s side door. Luckily, I was not too injured and I had insurance to cover my repairs or so I thought. Upon the advice of the VW Dealership Service Manager where I purchased my car, I brought my car to an “Authorized VW” repair shop where they had my car for over a month. They claimed they made all of the repairs on my car. Once, I picked up my car I noticed that the trunk lid would not stay up while I was taking my groceries out of the trunk while parked in my driveway (which is on an incline). The lid was actually coming down on my head. I also noticed that my driver’s door window lever was coming up and out of the door panel. Rather than taking it back to the same people that had fixed the car originally, I spoke with the service manager at the VW dealership. I explained what had transpired. He assured me to leave the car with him; he would re-open the insurance claim and repair the trunk lid and window switch. They kept the car for over a week, when I received the car back I was told that they had had a Rep from VW Corporate look at the trunk lid and he said “the trunk lid is not meant to stay open when I was parked in my driveway (incline)” they said and I quote “VW’s were not designed that way”. They claim it had nothing to do with the fact my car had been hit by another vehicle in the trunk going 65 miles per hour. They also did not fix my window switch under my insurance, because they claimed that this was a known defect from VW. Instead, they fixed it under the warranty and charged the manufacturer. Once again they said it too had nothing to do with the fact that a 2nd car (SUV) had crashed into my door in that exact spot. Needless to say, I was less then pleased with this outcome and was very much in shock by the lack of customer service. What was I left with? I have a new 36,000 VW, that has been re-built, and the trunk lid does not stay open when removing items from my trunk! It’s amazing to me that that they chose this path that created such a horrendous and volatile relationship between us. To think… all they had to do was replace both the trunk lid and the window switch under the insurance claim, at no expense to them at all. And they would have kept a long lasting relationship with me!

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    • You’d think that the dealership would just make it happen so that they could keep you as a repeat customer. Sometimes people can be a little stupid when it comes to making the customer happy. My questions is this, if it would be charged to the insurance anyways, why wouldn’t they go ahead and reopen the claim and file it? VW dealership would have saved the company money.

      • I don’t think it was about saving the company money at that point. I feel like the company was looking for the easiest way to recoup the cost of repairs. With filing the insurance claim, I believe the dealership would have to eat the costs and then wait for the claim to be verified and approved before the dealership would receive funds for the repair. By going through the warranty, they probably would receive the money faster due to their connection with the company. Also, the recouped funds would be guaranteed unlike the “up in the air” decision by the insurance company.