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    When dealing with banks and its employees I find it disappointing that they only have the ability to achieve a “pay for service” transaction. I pay them for a service; they in- turn, give me the transaction or service I have requested and paid for. Unfortunately, nothing more is offered. Why is that? How interesting it would be to have them actually take the time to get to know me, form a long-lasting relationship, and see what types of near future needs they can help me to accomplish. Perhaps, help me to save for a car in a few months or a year? Additionally, I believe that schools should be required to teach our children how to manage their money, how to spend money earned responsibly, and how to NOT get sucked into the vicious debt cycle that banks want you to be held hostage by. What a shock to society it would be to have our children learn to be financially savvy before they leave school.

    • You are so right Marie 🙂 I 100% agree with you about teaching finance to the children, very useful for their future and the future of whole country 😉 Besides there are a lots of websites and apps for that matter that can be used at school or home. I know some good website that is pretty well for different age range children and . Actually banks could do some educational lessons for children in their branches gaining this way the closer relationships with their clients!

    • I was actually taught at school basic financial processes, how to write a cheque, how a credit card functioned etc. the number of people i come across now – degree educated – who dont even have basic financial capabilities i think is frightening.