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    An interesting experience from a very large British airline that many people might know of… Checking in for a business class flight from London to Las Vegas, I was asked if I would like to upgrade to first class for the low price of 449 USD. I accepted the offer. Then, the airline representative made a phone call confirmed that a seat was available, and told me that I should go to the customer service counter to pay the 449 USD. I walked about 200 meters to that counter, waited in line, walked up to a new representative, explained why I was there, and gave her my credit card. She called, confirmed that there was a seat available, charged my card 449 USD, I signed, she gave me a receipt, and told me that I should go back to the check in counter. After waiting in line again, I was told that the seat had been given to someone else and that there was no longer a seat available in first class. I then got my boarding pass for my original seat in business class and went back to the customer service desk to cancel the 449 USD transaction.

    All in all, I dealt with 4 different people before I was checked-in, and not a single person apologized for this situation. Come to think of it, no one said thank you, either…

    Definitely, customer experience culture is an area in need of improvement for this airline !!

    • This is crazy when you get an experience like that in a large company making a lot of money, but doesn’t care much about customer experience culture. Employees probably don’t even notice that there is a problem because they are used to the fact that it is just the way it is and that’s how it supposed to be.
      I have experienced similar behavior in most of the government agencies where you have to go from point A to Point B to point C for something that could be done in point A. And if you got a wrong information in point B, and now you are in point C after waiting for hours, all you get it “Sorry, you have to go back to point B to fix it and wait again to get back to point C” šŸ™‚
      Definitely areas for improvements in many companies!

    • Why would they give you an offer if it wasn’t guaranteed for you, especially after you had been charged for it? And why couldn’t they handle all of that at the same counter? The airline should streamline their process a little bit.