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    Gotta love it… only in Russia !

    • Yea! If you have no creative idea – take a group of half naked ladies with nice shapes and here you go!!

    • This is not what I think a good commercial should be, but it does attract attention. Does it show that majority of flight passengers in Russia are males?

      • This does attract attention, but would this even work? When I go to conventions, not the upscale conferences, they tend to have so-called “booth babes” who are there to draw attention, but in most cases, people go to see the girls and disregard the fact that there is a product they are promoting. The commercial is provocative and has eye appeal, but I doubt people will remember or want to sign up for the card.

    • That was a “fun” commercial. I know I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if this is a respectful way to get sales. Isn’t this a bit offensive to women? Wouldn’t this make women not want to fly with this airline and card?