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    I am definitely being very active today in the Community, but that simply is because the year end is when all of the companies seem to be active and moving except for banks. When I was out shopping I noticed a trend in many of the stores I passed through, there were always things to browse and reasons to linger. Whether it was a bunch of sale items or an interesting poster or piece of artwork, it caught your eye. The storefront also seemed to beg for you to walk in with the mannequins dressed in the newest arrivals, as well as hanging signs of the daily deals or going-ons. During the drive I passed by banks, which were noticeably dry and drab, seemingly quiet stores. How, by comparison, would a bank stand out and be noticed? From the outside looking in, the bank seems like a voluntary prison. On the inside, most banks look like a dentist’s office waiting room, sans any television or tooth models to catch your eye. Granted, people walk into banks with prior conviction to do something there, but I still believe that the environment itself pushes people away. There is nothing to keep individuals there, much less make them want to sit and chat with a representative about prospective accounts. Interaction is minimal, even between customers and the bank’s paraphernalia. Without anything to reach out and touch, nothing truly 3D to observe and grasp, banks just seem to be, for lack of a better term, boring. I believe that physical items carry a presence that would make the bank a more appealing place to linger. Fresh coffee, figurines, even a television broadcasting the news would make it an easier place to sit down and settle for a few extra minutes. A few minutes – that is more than long enough for you to dabble with the idea of speaking with a representative about possible accounts. You can read a poster or pick up a book and flip through it, but it does not add to the depth that comes from a figure on a table or space used for a standing model or signage. Am I claiming that this will create momentous amounts of traffic? No, but I do believe it will add to the bank’s interior presence and make it less of an idle waiting room.

    • Well well well, look who finally weaseled his way back into the Community 😉 Good to see you back up and running, Ray. It was getting pretty quiet in here, but looks like that turkey last week made you wake up instead of fall asleep 🙂 I like the idea of throwing some fun little knickknacks to keep people entertained. I stick to my phone and fuddle around with games on it myself, but it’d be pretty interesting to have little models and a little more life in the room. How about a little pink piggy bank? I’d love it!

      • It is definitely good to be back in the swing of things. I had been bogged down by projects and other tasks, but this season sends my mind racing with ideas and questions to ask the Community. I just feel like adding to the decor and including interesting items creates conversation and buzz. Plants, pamphlets, and magazines are great, but not exactly the most exciting pieces.