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    As someone who isn’t as well versed in the business of CRM systems and customer retention, I find it interesting how it can be such an upcoming subject. There are articles detailing the proper implementation plans, the best systems, and best timings for when to apply them. However, my question is what would be the ideal time to implement such a system. Is it best to add a CRM system prior to establishing a customer base, or should you aim to boost your audience and have some followers before focusing on the relationship side of business?

    • It is my personal belief that every company has their own critical point where implementing a customer experience strategy, and whether that may be before the company has started or when they have reached full market saturation is entirely dependent upon that company’s management. However, it is clear that building a customer experience foundation is much easier than trying to refocus a fully mature company; the size and habits that have been engrained make it difficult to easily transition to a new customer experience culture. In particular, I see smaller businesses having an advantage in that they are smaller, meaning that they are able to make changes is a much quicker pace due to the limited amount of transition that will have to be made. Regardless, each business and industry has its own point where change will be easiest, and it is impossible for us to determine at what time that will be most effective.

      • But is there truly a turning point in any business where implementing a new system of culture would be best? In my mind, I cannot see there being a specific point in time where a business would gain the most benefit from changing their culture towards something more relationship centric. I feel that it has to be an internal change from the start rather than something midway through operations.

    • Well you heard the genius himself! Seems like there is no perfect time to implement things. I agree too! You need to let people do their thing and not go by some set schedule. When the time is right, the time is right šŸ™‚

    • If you’ve got your business going strong is there really a need to go ahead and get a big change over to relationship centric stuff? I mean, if you’re already doing good how much can changing how you work help? I don’t see how it can make these huge improvement to a system that is working just fine.

      • I see it as keeping up with the industry and changes in customer expectations. As you become accustomed to a certain set of standards you realize that there is little that differentiates companies. All, in the end, strive to achieve the same standards, effectively commoditizing themselves. They need to establish a relationship in order to retain customers.