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    Here’s a great ad I saw referencing the World Cup. It does not come right out and say it, but it really speaks to how we are influenced by what we love. In this case they showcase soccer and how it is a part of people’s lives no matter their age or demographic. I thought it was a great way to showcase the love of the game and keep people interested in watching.

    • James replied 5 years ago

      Seems cool but I don’t get how this makes mickey Ds look all that good. They have one sign at the end and that’s it. I wouldn’t have even known what the ad was if I only caught part of the commercial. To me, not enough of the brand coming through. Great commercial though.

      • I do not think that the main goal was to highlight McDonald’s. Really what I think they were trying to do was associate the love for soccer with that of McDonald’s, saying that McDonald’s is just as passionate as they are. Hence, they made the commercial and feature all sorts of World Cup advertising buzz. This is in addition to creating something that is visually pleasing and creative.

    • This is a wonderful find that supports the idea that experiential communications do not necessarily have to constantly highlight the brand that is being promoted. From the video you can clearly see that they are trying to capture the essence of what it means to be a fan, showing that it permeates even into everyday life.

    • It’s fun but there’s not much else to it. You got people to watch a video but didn’t really tell them anything about you or the company. How is that experiential at all?

      • Well you obviously watched it, meaning that it had an impact šŸ™‚ Not to mention that now we know that McDonald’s is a sponsor of the world cup and is proud enough to focus on the love of the game instead of their own products. If you ask me, that’s pretty big

    • I like the commercial but I don’t get how it’s experiential. Care to explain it a bit to me? It’s going way over my head.

      • The experiential side of this commercial does not directly influence viewers. The primarily aim of this advertisement is simply to appeal to those who have a passion for the sport. As I see it, it invokes the “why” surrounding people and their daily activities; they love soccer and incorporate it into their everyday lives. This rings true with many individuals, and will appeal to their passions surrounding the sport. McDonald’s, in advertising in such a way, demonstrates that they, too, are passionate about soccer and support it. The commercial is used to exemplify how they, as a company, love the game as well, and having their brand merely associates soccer with the products they serve. Yes, they were a sponsor for the World Cup, but this goes beyond that to show that it is a food that is suitable for soccer fans and fanatics.

    • Whoa, how did I miss talking about this? The cup was amazing and this commercial played a bunch of times! You know, this really got me thinking. Was it worth it? Trick question – of course it was! I still remember the commercial, which means it was effective in getting in our heads.