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    I want to share an experience I had with a themed store here in Las Vegas. Recently, I visited the aptly named Zombie Apocalypse Store that is just off of the Strip, and I have to say that it did have some interesting points that would help with improving a regular business’s model and environment. The service and actual business were somewhat disappointing, but the environment they create with their merchandise and decor really stands apart. Rather than simply being a retail store, their immerse their customers in the idea that they are doomsday preppers, and the attractions of the business, chiefly the displays and supplies, support this. The room is shrouded in low lighting and painted to match that of a bunker. Even outside they have pseudo military vehicles parked to create the feeling that you are walking into a stronghold where you can buy supplies. It tempts you into believing you need or want things that otherwise you would never consider. I think this is the goal for any business – to create an environment that harbors the use of your products. For banks, I think they would do well to recreate the environment that was seen in older banks – money actually changing hands and precious belongings being held for safekeeping – while still being modern. I know the visual appeal of seeing the bank actually handling the money they keep would create the idea that this truly is a place for storing and safeguarding money.

    • And how do you think a “zombie” shop is a good model for a bank? It makes no sense that we should take a tip from some retail store that bets on gimmicks instead of actual advantages. Who cares about some store that has to stay in business by using fads and tricks. That won’t work for a regular business

    • Dean replied 5 years ago

      I’m still iffy on if this is something we would want to see for financial services though. Do you want a safari jungle themed bank? Would it make it much better? Aaron has a good point here. I want my bank to just be a bank, and how I think of a bank is how banks are right now. Maybe they can be better, but nothing wrong with it now

    • James replied 5 years ago

      I don’t like forcing the bank to be something it’s not. It’s not a place for you to see everything that’s going on. It’s for security purposes. I’d say if you want to make the bank better, make it visually match a theme. Like a bank that would cater to high class would have classy art and all that jazz. Something more middle road would have families and cardboard cutouts and all that stuff. Lower end is simple, straightforward, and looks like someplace secure and stable. Basic stuff.