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    An unforgettable experience was that Tania and I live in the Rainforest Cafe in San Francisco. Everything is designed to engage the customer’s senses and make him feel like being in a jungle: the smell, occasional storms, the mist, waterfalls, aquariums and the awesome animated figures. (The replica wildlife come alive and move about and make realistic noises).

    Prices are a little high, but people are willing to pay to live the experience offered by the atmosphere. If I had to say something negative, it would be the distribution, you’re entering directly to the gift shop, and you have to go through it to access the restaurant.

    I think it’s a good marketing strategy for the company, especially if you have children, because probably you’ll end up buying something and spending more than you intended, but nonetheless, people repeat.

    • Ouuu yes, I remember this magic place. 🙂 Their special appeal is in transfer the person in the magic place of jungles and they´re achieving the idea very well! There is a good indicator measuring the success of the business and it´s when people start to talk and recommend to visit or to use your place or product, in other words WORD OF MOUTH. We went to the Rainforest Café because Mister Ian Newman told us about this place, about wonderful experience that you get and recommended to visit it without fail. 😀 Well done Rainforest Café!