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    I found particularly interesting the idea that has had this law firm to reflect the values ​​of the company through the environmental design.The article is in Spannish, but I’ll make you a brief summary.

    The result shows that the seriousness, professionalism and confidence can be fitted with a cutting-edge interior design, which is not very common in this type of environment.

    They have added the firm’s business values ​​by using the colors black and gray, and the natural tones of the wood.
    The gray color symbolizes stability and understanding, and the black conveys a certain elegance and above all the seriousness with which the firm practices his craft, while wood has the function of transmitting confidence.

    Seen here:

    • Good space, i wonder if they follow through ideas in the architecture into the way the practice law.

      The legal profession has some of the same problems as banking, remote aloof, and generally with a very poor reputation with customers.