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    When we repeat an action continuously, we learn in a more simple and intuitive way, and based on repetition and associations we make sense of everything around us.

    The custom, becomes into a ritual when we use to enjoy some aspects of our life. Ex: Watch a movie eating popcorn, because without them, it wouldn’t be the same.

    Rituals are part of our lives, and help us to associate actions with emotional benefits, to simplify our world.

    This is what they claim many of the brands that surround us, creating rituals that help us to automatically connect an action to a specific benefit.

    A brand ritual, is the repeated association of an action with an emotional or functional benefits to consumers associated with our brand. An example of this could be Oreo, which has set a different way to eat cookies.

    All those brands that have joined us through their rituals, have a place in our memory and in our minds, being preferred options for us because it gives meaning and order to our lives, and our way of doing things.

    So my question is: could a bank be able to establish a routine with its customer just as other brands do? What might be the actions to take to fix a memory in the minds of consumers ?

    • It definitely sounds like it would be difficult to start a brand ritual involving a bank. There is not much you can do to differentiate banks from other banks, at least in the form of actual services rendered. How can you make withdrawals and deposits a unique experience? The only thing I can think of is to make it visually more appealing. When I was a kid I always remembered the drive-up tellers and my parents making deposits using that tube thing, and the first chance I got I did the same exact thing. I do not use it often, but I am still attached to that memory. I can imagine that if a bank had a certain way of doing things, maybe your cash withdrawals are placed in envelopes that have little comic strips on them or coin counting machines in the branch show a piggy bank getting fatter as your money is counted, then they would have a proprietary image associated with the brand and people would get used to it.