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    And just for fun, I would like to encourage you to to this simple test: how many brands can you recognize without looking the answers below?

    The designer Ewan Yap has cut out a series of brand identities as much as possible while maintaining its integrity, exploring the principle of “Big Brand Theory”.

    • That was an interesting test which really makes you realize that these brands are ingrained into our heads. Just by the partial images of the brands I was able to identify virtually all of the drinks with the exception of Tiger and Carlsberg, and that is only because I have never seen them previously. Imagine how much greater the brand recognition would be using multiple senses, like a commercial jingle or slogan! I would not need the golden arches to signify McDonald’s; I’d just as easily identify it from the slogan “I’m lovin’ it.” The question at hand is not if we are able to recognize the brands, but instead it becomes how do we incorporate our brands into the lives of our customers so that they are able to identify and associate with them quickly.