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    Have you seen the T-Mobile commercials that have been popping up recently? They’re cool, edgy, and definitely flashy for a commercial. I still remember those boring Verizon commercials with the guy saying, “Can you hear me now? Good.” T-Mobile is stepping up their game and making commercials that are catch the eye and appeal to that younger audience. Very cool, very sexy, and very very effective!

    • There are many underlying messages that this commercial conveys, and in a single minute T-Mobile is able to present its position in the cellular industry. When you analyze the commercial and pick apart the finer details of the advertisement, you will notice that this is not simply a gimmick to attract attention; this is a statement by the company. On the surface this is a commercial using sex appeal to convince people to use T-Mobile’s service, but there is so much more. This is a classy, wholesome company that is seeking to depart from the realm of big business. Embodied by the woman choosing a racy black leather jumpsuit over a wardrobe of bright pink dresses, T-Mobile is displaying its desire to rebel against the standards of the cellular industry. The company shows it wants to embrace new things and leave behind the city that represents the mundane tendencies of other companies. As a company it wants to be modern like the apartment where the woman resides and redesign itself to become something new and exciting. To that end, they created a commercial that subtly embodies the company’s newfound direction while still capturing the attention of viewers and potential customers.

      • You are reading into the ad too much. It just goes to show that you are looking for some way to justify the ad. This is about having a sexy commercial to get people to pay attention. It’s not about some statement or some hidden message. It’s about a model who they used because she was pretty, and now since people are bored of her and her dresses they’re trying to make her a sex symbol so people think of T-Mobile. It’s not hard to see that the only reason she’s so popular is because she’s a model. They don’t even mention the service or the company at all really. It’s all about this pretty woman throwing clothes around, stripping and changing into a leather outfit, and driving off on a motorcycle. They’re trying to make her cool and sexy, and obviously you overlooked those obvious points.

        • I think you’re the one reading into this too much. You know, if someone watching the commercial gets a message from it then that’s that. Even if the makers didn’t want that message to be said, someone was able to pull that message out of it. That’s just the way it is sometimes 🙂

    • This is exactly what modern business needs – a breakaway from the typical drab that studios have used for years. The younger audience is being lost because they have differing tastes from the staple middle-aged American, yet companies have failed to recognize this fact and adapt. T-Mobile is taking a big risk by making their ads quirky, but it is paying off as their ads are becoming a model to which other companies are adapting. The emerging generation is being captured because T-Mobile is responding directly to their desires, and I believe that they will have an advantage in terms of marketing as other companies have been slow to adapt.

      • The real reasoning behind why it is so “quirky” is because it has a model in a tight leather suit. Of course younger people are going to like it. T-Mobile is using a generic ad that is selling sex, not service. Don’t overstate it and say that they’re taking a big risk when all they’re really doing is falling back on the old reliable types of ads. It’s no different than having a celebrity endorse the company.

        • Selling sex may be a familiar method of advertising, but do not confuse it with being generic just because it has been used before. Telecommunications has almost solely relied upon promotional ads about service quality and coverage, making T-Mobile a standout in the cellular industry. This is a big risk – they are shifting away from the norm and using a brand of advertising that is usually paired with clothing and lifestyle brands. It is up in the air whether or not the gamble will pay off, but it is definitely something unique and out of the box for them.

          • That makes a lot of sense! Kinda like how you don’t see things like athletes sponsoring restaurant chains (those are always food testimonials by actors). So T-Mobile is really doing something different! 🙂 Very cool take on why they’re doing the things they do 😀

    • What are you getting so worked up about? A commercial is a commercial no matter if it is similar to someone else’s or it is different. So she is riding a motorcycle and wearing a pink and black leather suit. Does this mean that AT&T or Verizon doesn’t have good commercials? You’re making a big deal of a commercial that doesn’t have the slightest bit of an impact on the company’s ability to provide a service.

      • It’s not about making the service look good, Aaron. It’s about getting attention, and this does it! 🙂 Most commercials you probably wouldn’t remember what she wore, but this time you did! 😉 That’s pretty important and goes to show that this commercial makes you think about it, so mission accomplished!

    • I’ve seen this on tv a bunch of times! It is a great commercial and I really like the way they directed it. Do you think T-Mobile will stick with this sort of advertising in the future? Does their style of commercial even make a difference?

      • Why would they want to stick with advertising that does nothing to promote their services? That is a giant waste of time, money, and skill. T-Mobile will go bankrupt from making these ads before they start making money off of them. The commercial doesn’t make sense for a cell phone company, and it doesn’t make sense to keep it.

        • It’s all about that exposure though! 😀 You need to just get the name out there, and T-Mobile is definitely making that happen. People will find out about the cell service from friends and reviews, not really from ads. Ads get you on the market, but the customers are what make it 🙂

      • With the younger crowd swooning over their brand? Why wouldn’t they keep it! 🙂 It’s hip and edgy and just trendy enough to get their attention without going overboard and shooing away us older folds 😉 The commercials sure do make a difference! I know I’m not going to be the one gunning for those ads from the dawn of tv time, and the newer crowd probably feels the same. So looks like T-Mobile’s ads are here to stay 🙂