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    I went to a place last week that took a different take on food and boy was I surprised! Probably one of the best meals I have ever had, and one of the most fun as well. 🙂 The place is called Gaslamp Strip Club and no, this isn’t the place to celebrate a wild bachelor party! It is quite an experience though, and you’ll get quite an eyeful from the servers. 😉 But the best part about the restaurant is the experience they create. What you are able to do is pick out your food off the menu and then cook it yourself! Can you imagine going to this place with your friends, marinating your own steak, and then cooking it on the grill while sipping cocktails and chatting? It was amazing! 😀 The way it is all available and presented is probably the smartest thing I have ever experienced. A place where the atmosphere is nice with delicious looking servers, a fast bar, and the chance to grill your own food? Sounds like a 5 star hit to me! 🙂

    • Now this is a concept that I know pretty well, although I have never been to this particular restaurant. Usually I will go out with friends and have Korean BBQ which typically involves you ordering different foods to grill at your table. Now, this is definitely something different than I am used to; with Korean BBQ you simply cook the food on your own grill at your table, but Gaslamp appears to have communal grilling stations. Not only that, but Korean BBQ consists of small cuts of meat that can be quickly grilled whereas these steaks will undoubtedly take large amounts of time. I am not saying that this is a bad concept – on the contrary, I love the idea of cooking your own food – but I will say that it makes for a time-consuming meal, especially if you opt to marinate your food prior to cooking. Still, this is a great concept that lets you basically enjoy cooking at home while you are out on the town with friends.

      • Korean bbq sounds like a totally different beast from what I’m used to. Not exactly the fall off the bone ribs and brisket, huh? 🙂 I get what you mean though, the restaurant stay wasn’t exactly a fast food sort of experience. When we got there we were ready for the long haul, and I’m talking about more than 2 hours of just prepping, cooking, and eating that steak! Yeah, cooking it was a lot of fun, but now that I think about it maybe they could prep the steaks and everything to help get customers through faster. I mean, great time, fun way to eat out, but it’s a time drain.

        • Definitely not the traditional BBQ that you find in the US, but it is a unique take on food. Even with them preparing the meats for you to cook, what I believe would be the major factor is that people all prefer their foods cooked differently. Leaving the customers to the cooking means that they will all want to do their cooking individually, which increases the overall turnover time for tables. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had a large party of people and each person wanted to cook their food themselves? Even if multiple people cooked at once I can imagine quite a bit of confusion. In addition, a lack of expertise would lead many individuals to overdone meals, resulting in a lack of return due to the fact that if they cannot properly cook their meal why bother returning. This really makes you reconsider the business model. Innovative, but flawed.

    • I can’t seem to understand this place. So you’re cooking the food, but is it seasoned or anything like that? How is this any different than just buying the food at the store and bringing it with you to the restaurant? Plus, isn’t this just a place that has a bunch of grills and tables? What’s the point in having actual chefs here? It sounds like I can run a restaurant like this from my house.

      • There’s a bit of seasoning, but if you call garlic, oil, and their rub heavy seasoning then you’ve got to be crazy! It’s basically nothing but pure meat that you can cook yourself. You get to do all the work and know what exactly it is you’re planning to eat 🙂 It isn’t really all that different from eating at home, but the chef is there to make sure all the ingredients are up to snuff, plus he cooks up the sides like the salad and soups and all that jazz. 🙂 Can’t have a steak without some side dishes to wash it all down! But it’s really all about getting quality ingredients and then being able to go out on the town while still getting that homey feeling you get when you’re at home cooking. Plus, nothing beats showing everyone how awesome you are at grilling 😉

    • Well, I guess it takes people like you to keep restaurants like this going. And after all that I talked about how you guys are always focusing on food and not banks. You guys make no sense. Cooking your own food at a restaurant? That’s like going to an auto shop to work on your own car; don’t forget that you paid them to go to their shop to work on your car, too! Why would you want to go to a restaurant, play a bunch of money, then cook your own food? This is something you can do in the comfort of your home for much cheaper. You’ll probably pay almost $30 for a meal here, and that’s only including maybe one or two drinks. Rational people know you can buy a steak, mix your own drinks, and cook your own sides for way less at home. Plus, you can actually know how hot your grill is burning and where all of the hot spots are on the grate. But I guess there needs to be a place for amateurs to make fools of themselves in public.

      • Now, Aaron, don’t get too upset. Really this all about a new experience and how the business is successful because they’re bringing in a new way of doing business to a pretty much saturated market. It’s all about the experience! 😀 I know you wouldn’t pay to go use someone’s equipment if you’re supplying all the work and parts, but for this place we’re just going there to cook our food to our liking. Now I know you wouldn’t want to pass up having something cooked perfectly to your tastes, and who better to do that than yourself? 🙂 It really is just the opportunity to go out and spend time with people while also being able to control your meal. There’s all sorts of other stuff there to try like sides and stuff, so not like you’re stuck with just cooking for yourself 😉 Give it a shot before you burn it.

    • From your description, it seems like the restaurant is using its name as a play on words and creating a pseudo strip club theme through the servers. While it is not always beneficial to exude this sort of atmosphere, this creates a buzz about what the restaurant specializes in. The actual appeal of the restaurant itself is the ability to cook your own food to your liking. Many restaurants are famed because they have executive chefs preparing and cooking food at a superior level, yet this takes a more unique approach by offering fine ingredients for you to personalize and prepare. To be able to manipulate the meat is an opportunity to add a personal touch and present your cooking skills to those around you. Additionally, it is a conversation piece through the ability to discuss cooking techniques and different preparation preferences. Visually, the sight of the smoke, grill, and flames makes the restaurant more rustic and inviting, while the aroma of cooking meat must make the experience all the more tantalizingly delicious. These sensory inputs compound and improve the experience of being able to join with friends in sharing an otherwise ordinary meal together; to be able to go out on the town while still enjoying the personal freedom and control of cooking is a blend of a restaurant experience with the personal touches of home.

      • They really are making the most of the name, that’s for sure 😉 The theme really is clear. There’s even pinup girls on the menu to make the theme go full circle! The restaurant is an interesting take on dining, but I gotta say, they pull it off pretty well. There really is a lot to talk about if you’ve never been to the restaurant, so the meals aren’t boring or anything like that. You’ve definitely got it right when you say that it’s a blend of restaurant experience with a feeling of home. 🙂

        • I believe that they are making the right choice by fully integrating their theme into their menus. Immersing the customer in the environment creates a situation where the customer is able to lose themselves and enjoy the setting. When they are in this state of awe and enjoyment they tend to be more willing to spend money to improve that experience further. They truly took a look at their positioning of the restaurant from all angles in order to execute the idea properly.

    • I’m really late to the party here, but I like the idea of having something new like this. Maybe it’s a style of restaurant I’ll take my clients out to one day. Not really team building, but same concept, you know what I mean? Imagine having the time to bond over food like that, but talking about stuff like food, not money or the job or anything. I think it could work out.

      • You can never be late for jumping into discussion with us, James! 😀 This is definitely a place to go ahead and just chit chat, share a meal, maybe have a few drinks and discuss hopes, dreams, and the going ons of life. 🙂 If you brought your clients here imagine all the time you’d have to ask them about their lives and what they hope to achieve in the coming years. You can’t just throw out that question willy nilly, but when you’re bonding over food there’s always room for that sort of conversation 🙂 I’d say give it a shot if you’re ever in California. I promise you won’t regret it!