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    This just in! Hot off the presses! Senteo just pumped out a feature on this article:

    So I was reading it and thinking. Wow, I do this! Do you guys do this too? I bet you do! So I’m thinking, is there a way to change up how employees communicate with customers and engage them more in order to recreate that situation where the main feature and memorable part about a visit to a restaurant or business is the time spent with employees? I would hope so.

    • And how do you expect a business to even try to fix this? Take away customer phones? We just need to get more people working and quicker turnaround time for everything. It’s not rocket science people.

      • The issue is that businesses cannot compete for attention with the customer. If customers are already distracted once they enter the building, it is more difficult to please them. This is a case where the issue is with the customer not using the products and services offered immediately, leading to their dissatisfaction. I don’t think this is something that a business can simply resolve. Instead, it has to be remedied by the customers actually desiring to use a business’s services and solely that.

    • I don’t really feel so sure that that’s a good way to change up a restaurant. I like to eat in peace unless I need something. Then I’ll ask for the waiter and tell them what I need. Basically, I want be served but not hassled. It’s just for eating after all, not like I expect a show

      • Hey, who said that you won’t have your privacy? We’re just thinking of ways to make it better for the customer 🙂 if that means less talk and more action, then I would be all for it! Communication isn’t just vocal, but also through action as well. A smile, simple gestures, all sorts of things can make it better and more of an experience 😀 Think of Rainforest Cafe – great example of less interaction, more ambiance

    • I do believe that restaurants fall outside the realm of a standard business. Their operations, while customer centric, emphasize products as heavily as their service. Essentially, they are a hybrid between the two, and it is difficult for them to specialize in one or the other to such an extent that they will be known solely for it. As I see it, the real way to make it innovative is to make the service a part of the dining experience, such as having the food cooked and served tableside.