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    I’d like to share a positive experience with my bank.
    In the last 6 years I have changed bank 4 times, my current one is ING Spain.
    Sadly, the main reason why I have a positive opinion, is the lack of bad experiences and the speed to solve problems the few times I had one.
    However, I’ve had some small and pleasant experiences. On the day of the bank´s birthday, in their website they had a webcam connection to their offices in real time, and every 60 seconds all the employees looked at camera and thanked you, mentioning your name (prior you had to register in their website), for banking with them.
    These employees probably didn´t do much work that day (that me and all the other ING Spain clients have paid for  ) but still, I appreciated the experience.
    Another example was related to their campaign for a current account, saying that the account was like love, gives you a lot and asks for little. You had for a short period of time, the possibility to make a simulation of a transfer, choosing the amount and currency: hugs, kisses or smiles. You could enter the e-mail of a friend, family member, boyfriend etc.., and he/she would receive your transfer. Obviously, a very interesting way of data capture from the bank side, but also a funny experience for the customer.

    I have read some not very good comments about branches. Actually, I can’t say much about them (the branches), I have only needed to visit them once in a year, fact that I consider positive, and I found a very efficient automated services. But, the lack of a meeter greeter was very obvious and makes the first contact awkward.

    • I have an account in the ING Direct too and I agree with everything you said, the online service is so complete that there is no need to go to the branch. I visited once the main ING branch in Madrid and the experience were very satisfactory 🙂 In the main branch does exist the meeter greeter who helped me a lot because I hadn´t idea where to go. And when I visited normal ING branch it also was fine, I liked their clean, empty desks, without any paper, transmit transparency and trust. And the staff were good qualified and polite.
      So yes, me too like Silvia have a good customer experience with ING 😀

      • Is it common to have a meeter greeter at a bank? Here in the US, I am surprised to actually see any sort of greeter or guide when I walk in the bank. Usually, the only people you see are account managers in their offices and the tellers that stand behind the counter. So is the meeter greeter just a guide, or do they also work as a guard? They sound like an info desk.