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    Positive customer experiences are not widespread amongst the financial services industry, and while there may be improvements, sometimes we are most impacted by the small human touches that are included in our everyday experiences. I had the pleasure of speaking with a customer service representative from Discover Card concerning a false charge to my account, and in addition to helping me through the situation he went ahead, personally reviewing my charges with me to verify that there were no other cases of fraud on my account. Even after completing this service with me, he recommended that I consider updating my card to their new Discover It card program. The information he presented to me was clear and concise, providing me with all the details I could ever need while never seeming overbearing or pushy in the least. I was pleasantly surprised with his demeanor – it was one which exuded enthusiasm about the product and sincerity in offering me a product that he believed was better suited for my spending habits. It was a long conversation – 15 minutes overall – but I was in no rush to get off the phone with this man. In the end, I even took him up on his offer to switch to the new card. This is just one example of how the person can truly create the experience and make an otherwise mundane task enjoyable.

    • There really is an added value to services when it comes to what an individual can bring to the table. The opportunity for an individual to leave a lasting impression is something that all businesses need to consider; we are shaped mostly by those we interact with and encounter in our lives, so those who have a positive impact will have significantly more sway. I am sure that speaking to that representative in particular had a big impact on your view of Discover and their new product. Making that connection with you and presenting a welcoming image is probably the most valuable thing that the company could have asked for in that situation.

      • You think that the rep gave a good view of Discover’s card and the company. But do you think Stan would have gotten the card if the rep wasn’t the one who sold him on it?

        • I cannot say for sure what the outcome would have been had that particular representative not helped me. What I can state with certainty is that the card, after he had explained it to me, matched my spending habits and provided me with greater benefits and incentives than my previous card. Is that to say I would have opted for the new card regardless? Possibly, but the man was an integral part in my decision to upgrade my card on the spot.

      • You know, Ray, that is exactly right! People are probably the biggest influence on our decision making. 🙂 That’s why we have all those reviews online! Imagine if we couldn’t Yelp how good our restaurant was? I think I’d panic when picking out a place to eat dinner 🙁

      • Human interaction has become such a core aspect of our lives that the thoughts of others heavily influences our view of the world and our actions. It is rare that we are truly able to make a decision that solely affects ourselves; when we discuss what happens then it sways the perception of others. The representative, while not directly associated with my use of the new Discover card, had a large impact upon my perception of the product because his clam, caring demeanor made me feel comfortable discussing it. I do not regret my decision to adopt the new card, but I know that he had a role in making me feel comfortable about the transition.

    • That’s really cool that the rep went over your account with you. Most people wouldn’t do that, but this guy cared enough to do so. Do you think he should have done that knowing that he already fixed your first problem? Why do you think he went over everything with you?

      • I believe that he went over the account with me out of personal concern for me as a customer. He also was probably performing his due diligence because he did not want me to be calling again for a similar problem. He was right to follow through with the problem and scan for more errors because it is a simple task that is wholly related to my issue, but it was probably unnecessary and cost the company due to his longer handle time. I do not doubt that it was a good deed, though, and from a moral and personal standpoint he did the right thing.

    • It’s the little things like this that make the day better, huh Stan? 🙂 You definitely got a cool guy to work with, and one who really cares about the people he helps. The upsell sounds like it could have been hit or miss, but if he really did scout the product out for you then that’s great! Very cool experience and I’m glad you shared it with us 😀

      • You are correct; small gestures have a great impact upon the outcome of a conversation, especially in a case such as this where you cannot find emotional cues from the individual’s body language. Relying only on their voice and actions makes it quite difficult to obtain any real sense of connection with someone over the phone. In this case, the representative had the initiative to assist me and investigate my claim, which gave me as much reassurance as would a hand on my shoulder or a smile. As you said, when he offered the new card I could have declined, but the fact that he researched it for me was a nice surprise.

    • Stuff like this isn’t really all that special. If they let a false charge go through in the first place then then least they could do is scan your account for more problems. If they don’t then they stand to lose another customer, which is bad for the company. You make it seem like this guy did all sorts of over the top work, but he really was just doing his job to clean up the company’s mess. The guy upsold the card to you because it’s probably his job to sell a certain number of cards every month, so you were just another chance to make a sale. Don’t just assume everything that happens is in good faith because everyone can have a motive.

      • Seeing as how his only responsibility was to assure that my initial problem of having a fraudulent charge was resolved, the representative did go beyond his scope of support to assist me. While it did benefit the company overall, he had the opportunity and ability to end the call once he revoked the charge on my account. Also, while he may or may not have a quota for selling a certain number of cards, to offer me a card when I had called for a different reason was quite a risk. I could have been offended or upset that he had tried to sell me a product, but his intent seemed genuine considering the research he put into personalizing the sale for me. This really was a unique case, one that may have had some benefit for the representative but for me as well. No matter the motivation behind the representative’s actions, he treated me as an individual rather than an account number, and forming that connection was important to his success and ability to complete the call.