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    I think it would be very interesting to see how banks could introduce experiential innovation to their call centers. As for me, I would do anything to avoid calling my bank. I would rather do things on-line or in the branch. Usually, calls involve waiting time, entering my information multiple times, transferring from department to department, etc. And sometimes the issue can’t be resolved right away and I’m asked to call back in few days or promised a call back that never happens! How come some other companies are actually able to motivate people to call them providing great experience and, in fact, using this opportunity of undivided customer’s attention to create another positive impression, build relationship or sale something.
    As my favorite example, I would bring up Zappos. Their customers actually like to call Zappos because people who work there don’t have scripts, each interaction is unique and aimed at building relationships. Some people are actually calling Zappos knowing that besides getting their issue resolved, they can chat if they want and customer service reps are actually encouraged to provide friend-like phone experience as their performance is not measured by the number of calls taken, or length of call. You could call Zappos and actually have an experience from the call that you will tell your friends about or share of Facebook. Could banks do that? How could they innovate call center experience?

    • I can´t agree with you more Lana, call centers in any business area can do a lot better. Financial-services organizations have traditionally viewed call centers as a means to cut costs or improve customer satisfaction. Now some banks are looking to reduce this channel’s costs by moving more transactions to self-service options; others are aiming to make it a profit center that drives sales growth; a number of banks are doing both. Either approach requires a deep understanding of customer needs and a strategy that is focused on meeting them. Banks should upgrade agents’ skills so they can satisfy the customer by offering the right products and services.

    • Call centers are terrible with dealing with customers. Banks could use some improvement when it comes to dealing with people over the phone. But how do things get done with a system like Zappos? I don’t know if a system like that would work for a bank.