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    I came across this article about implementing augmented reality in retail stores and wounder if something like that could be used by the banks to enhance customers’ experience. Maybe, reading customers’ reviews on particular credit card product by scanning the “package” or seeing yourself in that new car you are applying for a loan for? I don’t know if those kind of experiences would necessary make me a loyal customer of the bank, but I think it would definitely attract my attention. And if other attributes of my experience are good every time, I might think about consolidating everything to this bank

    • What should be making you a loyal customer is the bank efficiency and rates, not gimmicks like product scanning. This is a financial institution, so the main focus should be on improving the products, not adding random bits of technology if they are available. I know I like my bank because they have the accounts and loans I’m looking for, not text alerts or QR codes that I can scan.