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    I went across this website that shows that a voting can be fun and interesting and creates inside you the wish to come back and see how it goes all around. Things like banks, accounting, politics etc. makes us boring and usually we´re in touch with them not because of curiosity or interest but because of need. So the question is how to convert something monotonous and arid into interesting and fun? I think the answer is the name of this group 🙂

    • That is really interesting, as it is also to a certain extent providing a level of eduction forcing you to think about some of the key issues.

      It is obviously an issue that more and more people are switching off from being involved in electoral processes. doing a quick calculation on the one I tried for Nevada, only 52% of the population actually voted at the last election. The same has happened in the UK recently with only an average of 15% of the population voting for police commissioners. Yet, MILLIONS of people are prepared to vote on things like X Factor and PAY for the privelidge.

      There has got to be something to learn from that!

    • This is a really cool page for voting. How do they get all that information though? And how do we know this is really accurate?