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    A year ago, I was choosing in which bank to open second account, so I went to the largest banks and the banks that I liked. In most cases visiting each bank I was surprised by the little professionalism, low staff culture and poor knowledge of the products. Sales agents were telling me a lot of things: “I don´t know this information, I need to ask another person, he´s not here right now please wait him a little bit.” After half an hour he has not appeared and I left. At the other bank – employee was talking to me like she was doing me a favor and I had to pull information from here. In most cases agents were speaking with me with reluctance which caused me a negative reaction and unwillingness to talk further. There were good sales agents too but I didn´t like the conditions of their bank.
    In the end, the last bank I visited was I´ve been chosen only because the agent with whom I spoke knew all information, talked to me kindly, with a smile, with care, offering me solutions, she was asking me a lot of questions to get to know my situation and suggest what I want. I liked her and her attention so much and not a product (because several banks had the same offer), that I have opened a bank account with her bank!

    People, please, care about your clients!

    • This is just a lack of efficiency by the banks, and most likely the ones that didn’t treat the customer right will go out of business.