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    A year ago, I opened a second account with another bank and I had a wonderful personal manager, who treated me with respect, kindness and attention, in fact, she was the reason why I opened an account with her bank. In the summer my manager was transferred to another branch and I now have to deal with other employees of the bank. Two months ago, I started going to them to find out some information about one product. One manager told me that this information is necessary to find out from her colleague but she is now on vacation but she promised me to call. It has been two weeks and she didn´t call me. Again I went to the bank and she said again that she called me, a week passed and nothing happened. Again I went and colleague who has returned from vacation said that she had my request but she still didn´t find out the info I need, and that she was promising to call me back , of course I didn´t receive any call, and like this during two months! I cannot believe that in 2 months no one found 5 minutes to find out requested information and give me a call! In fact is one of the largest banking groups in Spain. So far in this bank zero of relationship centricity, zero development, zero increasing in the number of clients. I am so disappointed that I´ll close the account with them.

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    • That’s just how it is with banks – once they have your money there isn’t much focus on if you’re satisfied. When I imagine a situation like this I just picture a bank telling you that you are valuable and your questions will be answered, but then going to the next customer and saying the same thing. It’s like the grandmother who tells each of her grandchildren that they are her favorite. Banks will say whatever needs to be said to make their customers happy, but that does not mean they will do it. They seem to forget about their customers, and as a result there is little-to-no customer centricity.