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    I want to share this curious way to entertain the client and call their attention.

    In this interactive online-wall you can leave your footprint/mark through using a black marker drawing some message or picture.

    This website is a proper example for Experiential Innovation, this curious tool is great because the person feels involve, feels a participation and gets a lot of fun. I think it´s another way to highlight a business 🙂

    • Great example of Experiential Innovation, Tanya! It really gets you involved and entertained. And it’s definitely something that you would want to share with your friends. If banks were creating more good experiences for clients to get them more involved, it would serve as a great word-of-mouth advertisement as people are excited to share their experience. I have never heard anyone who was excited to share their emotional experience about the bank. For most of the people, it is simply a routine that doesn’t involve any fun.

    • I really do like the concept of the Wall of Fame because it lets people leave their personal mark and gives customers the privilege of saying, “Yes, I am a customer of this company!” I believe that it can be more refined through customization for the banking industry, but regardless this is a great tool for companies to use to honor their clients. Not only will customers be involved and proud of their participation with the company, they can interact with other clients to form a community of sorts, quite similar to the Senteo Community. With customization and refinement, this concept would be a great addition to not only banks, but any business.